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Coping With Divorce

Coping with divorce is hard. There are many unknowns: how to talk with your kids, how to move on with your life and heal your broken heart. Suzy’s blog can help

Divorce Tips and Strategies: Communication

“Clarity inspires trust. Clarity inspires faith.” You, Inc. – by Harry Beckwith and Christine Clifford Speaking With Clarity I’ve been reading lately about public speaking. It is emphasized repeatedly how important it is to be very clear, whether you are writing or speaking, so that you cannot be misunderstood. According to You Inc., people serving on juries regard ‘clarity’ [...]

Emotional Healing After Divorce

“When you are under the domination of others you degenerate into something less than a complete person.” ~ Frank Rudolph Young, Secret Mental Powers Unequal Partnership “When you are dominated by someone, your best thinking and behavior are submerged and allowed to rise back only to the level to which your dominator will permit. Your whole [...]