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Financial Checklist: Going Through A Divorce

Divorce is a major life change that can bring a great deal of financial stress. A financial advisor can be a trusted resource to help walk through many of the financial decisions you may need to make. Below is a link to a checklist compiled by Edward Jones, that will help guide you through the important financial details to [...]

Try 12 New Things After Divorce

"It's not easy to get resiliency back into our lives, but it is a quality too valuable to be lost." ~ Dorthea Brande, WAKE UP AND LIVE! - A Formula For Success That Works My divorce recovery resources come from many different places. Most aren't written specifically about divorce recovery, but are instead resources that contain ideas [...]

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Divorce Process: The Darkness

"Life Lesson #13: If you want to get out of the darkness you are in, you must be willing to experience momentary shock and glare."  ~Karen Salmonshon, Enough Dammit: A Cynics Guide To Finally Getting What You Want Out Of Life If you are recovering from a midlife divorce, chances are you feel like you're stumbling [...]

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Feeling Overwhelmed This Holiday Season?

"When we are frantic and feel particularly rushed, we can stop and ask ourselves, 'rushing for what?'" ~ Sue Bender, Plain and Simple Wisdom The 'To-Do' List I woke up at 3:15 a.m. this morning, fretting. I don't know about you, but struggle with being too busy. I never seem to be able to cross everything off of [...]

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