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Father’s Day

It's Not Your Responsibility Because it's Father's Day, many of you are probably dealing with feelings of guilt and sadness about what has been lost in your children's lives. One important thing to remember, however, is that it's not your responsibility to "fix" Father's Day for your wasband. You most likely have spent many Father's [...]

Stand Firm After Divorce

“If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.” ~ Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister Not Everyone Will Like You I made a big collage for my kitchen. I used all kinds of handmade paper torn into squares. On each [...]

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Brokenhearted but not broken interview series

Just a reminder to sign up for the Brokenhearted but not Broken interview series.  My interview Fear and Divorce - What we can learn from the Marines will be aired I believe on the 18th of November.  Here is a link to sign up.  Check out all of the other experts sharing their expertise as [...]

Blindsided And Heartbroken After Your Midlife Divorce

At Midlife Divorce Recovery, we get it. You're in a relationship that seems to be solid.  You have older children who are getting more independent, are leaving the nest or are already starting their own serious relationships and families.  You may even have grandchildren. Then, it happens.  Your spouse comes home one night and says something [...]

FREE YOURSELF after divorce and save 20%

In honor of Independence Day …. FREE YOURSELF after DIVORCE & SAVE 20% FREE YOURSELF from letting him (or them) hijack your happiness! FREE YOURSELF from his misery train and chart your own best course forward! FREE YOURSELF from the loneliness and join us on the journey to the life you were made for! TAKE [...]

Brokenhearted to Openhearted Summit

Dear RADiCALs I was contacted recently by Jeannine Lee who asked if I would participate in a national Brokenhearted to Openhearted Summit that is set to air April 1st to April 21st.  This event will provide three full weeks of information to help you get your life back on track. Of course I was interested [...]

During Divorce Stop Flapping Your Lips

Talking to someone who has stopped listening is always frustrating, and it usually ends up making the speaker look and feel foolish.  Throughout the divorce process, I finally realized that the more I talked, the less he listened. During my midlife divorce recovery journey, I had a terrible time keeping my mouth shut.  Even when [...]