Fun Again After Divorce? Really?

“To play, to be amused, to enjoy the moment without judgments is to have access to the child within.” ~ Robert Fulghum, Words I Wish I Wrote I have had quite a few chances to be around grandchildren this last month. I'm reminded how children can teach us incredible lessons about enjoying life. They are constantly [...]

Father’s Day

It's Not Your Responsibility Because it's Father's Day, many of you are probably dealing with feelings of guilt and sadness about what has been lost in your children's lives. One important thing to remember, however, is that it's not your responsibility to "fix" Father's Day for your wasband. You most likely have spent many Father's [...]

Spend Your Life After Divorce

"Life is ours to be spent, not saved." ~ D.H. Lawrence Life Is Unpredictable Life is an incredible adventure. Sometimes we are on a raft floating on a shallow, warm lagoon sipping fresh squeezed pineapple juice wondering how life could be any more beautiful. Sometimes we are on a tugboat or a barge doing our [...]

What Is Your Plan After Divorce?

“Many of us go through life with only a fuzzy sense of where we are going.” ~ Jeffrey Young, PhD and Janet Klosko, PhD, Reinventing your Life: How to Break Free from Negative Life Patterns When The Unexpected Strikes Where are you going? What’s your plan moving forward? Many of us don’t think much about that [...]

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Your Choice After Divorce

"And we have another choice -- to accept what we didn't get to choose." ~ Sue Bender, Plain and Simple Wisdom  Acceptance Most of you reading this did not want to be divorced. Most of us did not choose it. And most of us did everything we could to keep the divorce from happening. I kicked and sobbed [...]

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