Is Passion Possible After Divorce?

"Great dancers aren't great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion." ~ Judith Jamison, dancer and choreographer A New Passion I have a passion to help women survive midlife divorce and to help them understand that an amazing and glorious life is still possible after divorce. A fun life. A life [...]

Plastic Surgery After Midlife Divorce?

Our Harshest Critic After a midlife divorce, we often become overly critical of our appearance. We join a health club, or even get plastic surgery because we think if we just looked a little younger, our wasband wouldn’t have been attracted to that 32-year-old. Fact: If he is the kind of man that cheats, it doesn’t matter how [...]

Get Through Your Divorce Rationally!

"Understand this: Words are a dime a dozen. Action and demonstration are much more powerful and meaningful.” ~ Green and Elffers in The 48 Laws of Power The "Right" Words During my divorce and recovery, my older brother suggested I read the book quoted above. Parts of it are a little on edge, but much [...]

Try 12 New Things After Divorce

"It's not easy to get resiliency back into our lives, but it is a quality too valuable to be lost." ~ Dorthea Brande, WAKE UP AND LIVE! - A Formula For Success That Works My divorce recovery resources come from many different places. Most aren't written specifically about divorce recovery, but are instead resources that contain ideas [...]

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The Ineffectiveness Of Revenge After Divorce

"I was really upset. I was staying up all night drinking white wine, crying, and watching those stupid infomercials on TV. Then I got an idea to start ordering whatever I saw on TV and sending it to Gary. I sent him all kinds of commemorative Elvis plates, weird kitchen gadgets, ugly knickknacks, and soft [...]

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How To Stop Your Negative Inner Voice During Divorce

Learning To Like Yourself I don't know about you, but during my midlife divorce recovery journey, I often didn't like myself. I thought, "maybe if I were thinner, prettier or smarter 'he' would have liked me better." I secretly worried, "maybe everyone really thinks I'm not worth that much, either." I identified with Geneen Roth, author [...]

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Divorce Process: The Darkness

"Life Lesson #13: If you want to get out of the darkness you are in, you must be willing to experience momentary shock and glare."  ~Karen Salmonshon, Enough Dammit: A Cynics Guide To Finally Getting What You Want Out Of Life Shocked Awake If you are recovering from a midlife divorce, chances are you feel like [...]

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Finding Your Identity After Divorce

“If you look to someone else to establish your identity for you, losing that person can really make you feel destroyed.” ~ Newman & Berkowitz’s, How to Be Your Own Best Friend.  Being The Mrs. For 33 years, my identity was wrapped up in being Mrs. TGS. That’s who I was; his wife. That’s how I [...]

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Helping Others After Divorce

"Every day, tell at least one person something you like, admire, or appreciate about them." ~ Richard Carlson, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Be An Encourager In the middle of divorce we are inundated by our own problems. Our plates are overflowing with discouragements. But the really cool truth is, when we reach out to someone [...]

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Tips To Stop Obsessing About Him After Divorce

"Every woman has at least one humiliating story of obsession." ~ Linda Sunshine, She's Just That Into You - The No Excuse Truth About Women's Obsessions With Men Signs Of Obsession I've shared from this book before. It is not worth more than the $1.00 I paid for it, but it definitely gives a very accurate [...]