Death-Free Living After Divorce

"Parking garages rank third among top locations for violent crime (after homes and public streets)." ~ Melissa Heckscher, BE SAFE - Simple Strategies for Death-Free Living Living Alone When my last child set off on his own, I felt an urge to tell someone to "drive carefully, drink plenty of fluids, and don't forget to eat breakfast!" One [...]

He Just Can’t Do It

“The only person you have control over is yourself.” ~ A Universal Truth Find Your Support Team Every time I finish leading a Midlife Divorce Recovery support group, I find myself amazed at how beautiful, fun and intelligent each of the women are. I am left, once again, saying, “What in the ‘heck’ is wrong with the men [...]

The Small Stuff Of Divorce

“It’s the smaller daily accomplishments that build and sustain us.”  Ichak Adizes, business expert I am a member of The Build Network, a publication for small businesses. The quotation above was taken from a Build story about a turnaround expert who was helping a big, once profitable company -- a leader in it’s field – but [...]

Are You Being Dominated?

“When you are under the domination of others you degenerate into something less than a complete person.” ~ Secret Mental Powers by Frank Rudolph Young As I read further into Frank Young’s book, I discovered a chapter entitled, The Secret Mental Power to Protect Yourself from Domination by Others. His observations are surprisingly accurate. Read and see [...]

Checking Out After Divorce

“You must be present to win.” ~ Adair Lara, Normal Is Just A Setting On The Dryer – And Other Lessons From The Real, Real World Taking Time To Grieve After a midlife divorce, it is easy to just “check out” of life. It's actually a completely normal reaction... for awhile. It is an important step in your [...]

Grief vs. Nothing After Divorce: Take Grief

“Between grief and nothing, I’ll take grief.” ~ Falukner Feeling Nothing Good people often grieve. Those who hurt others with a full understanding of their actions don’t usually grieve, unless they come to their senses and at some point understand the damage they have done. Grief means you comprehend the consequences of hurtful actions. I [...]