So you know you want to feel better and get over this stupid divorce and start living the life you want. But it hasn’t happened yet. Right?

  • Do you still often feel afraid, lonely, defeated and overwhelmed because of your divorce?
  • Do you feel stuck and embarrassed that it’s taking so long to really feel better?
  • Are you secretly dreading that ridiculous, fake love holiday where you know you’ll have to pretend to be okay, but you really aren’t?
  • Have you made progress but still want more?
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“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me realize I do have a lot to look forward to …. today and tomorrow will be a great day!”
Lori Schemmel
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An all-encompassing, results-oriented experience

The Heart’s Desires Conference is 11 hours that help you fast forward your recovery and rebuilding after divorce.

The conference is a solution to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. You’ll be learning tools and systems that we’ve been pefecting for more than 10 years. We know what works and we help you take advantage of what we’ve learned. We’ll show you how to get the things you want out of your head and start getting them implemented in you daily life. After doing this for all these years, we know how to help you get the results you want.

Just imagine what your life would be like if you had a clear vision as a map and concrete actions to take so that you are excited to get up every morning instead of having that big lump of pain in your chest.

3 women

Conference Schedule

“You have taught me grace, humility, power, love and humor … when things were really crumbling below me.”
Pam Allen
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Conference Logistics

This conference is a place where you can come for two days and learn proven steps to stop obsessing about what might have been and start creating a good, new life! You want to make a positive impact on your kids, your family and your friends … and you’re trying your best . But since you didn’t expect this and no one ever gives lessons on divorce …. most of the time women are just left to struggle on their own.

Here’s the good news! We have in this one weekend, life-transforming people and systems to help you take some giant leaps forward on your recovery journey. And you make that leap with a group of women who get it. Who know about the stupid stuff you’ve done or said. It’s a very exciting and effective and even fun way to grow past the despair and learn lessons from it that will help you in the future! And instead of feeling isolated and alone, you’ll be embraced and encouraged the whole weekend. And that means you’ll be able to cope and stay connected even after the event is done!

Below is some helpful logistical information:


Please find below a link to a Holiday Inn Express where we have negotiated a reduced rate for the Conference attendees. A room with two double beds is reduced to $89. Also, if you’re interested in perhaps sharing a room with another attendee, just let me know. If you have questions about hotel details, you can contact Kelli Wright at [email protected] or call 913-850-5404.

To make your reservations electronically, click the link below, enter your arrival and departure dates and click “Check Availability.” The next screen provides the room types being held for the Conference Block. Choose your room type and then complete the screens information that follows.

Divorce Recovery Conference – Holiday Inn Reserveations

Be sure you have a confirmation number at the end of the process. If you have any questions or would prefer to make your reservations directly with the hotel, please call 913-748-5423.

Airport Transportation

If you are arriving by plane, you will probably fly to MCI (Kansas City International Airport). For general airport transportation, we recommend “5 Guys Shuttle” as the most cost-effective way to reach the hotel. They will provide one way transportation for up to 5 or 6 people (with luggage) for $65. You may schedule reservations online at or by calling 913-748-5423.

If you’re coming in from out of town or are new to RADiCAL, we’ll assign you a buddy who will meet you at the conference and be your own little “Welcome Wagon!” :))

Directions to the Church

Go to and click on “About Us” and then click on “Leawood Campus” under Our Locations. Then to Maps and Directions.

Here is a direct link

We will actually be meeting in the RezLife Student Center. I will update you on the best place to park.

Special Food Requirements

Please let us know if you have special food requirements. We will be serving
Appetizers as we mingle a bit on Friday night.
A Continental Breakfast on Saturday morning
A snack in the morning on Saturday
A lunch on Saturday
And various afternoon munchies on Saturday.

If you have any other special needs, just let me know at [email protected] or call me at 816-941-4911.

“You are radical! I loved every minute of this class! Thank you for your love, care and support.”
Nancy Curran
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Discover Your Heart's Desires
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So what’s the “Your Heart’s Desires” Weekend
going to cost me?

First, let’s talk about everything you’ll get!

  1. You’ll connect with other women. You’ll get encouragement and feel more positive about your life and your future.
  2. Because you’ll be with us, you won’t be playing those horrible movies in your mind about him or them over and over again. Instead you’ll be focusing on you!
  3. We’ll keep you from doing anything that might land you in jail on this weekend! Plus, you’ll get a whole boatload of inspiration in the process!

RADiCAL Meet & Greet – You’ll meet bright, beautiful, fun women, on all points of this journy, who are or have been in the same pit you’ve been in.

RADiCAL Stories – Realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel through the amazing stories of recovery and success. You’ll be encouraged by those who went from pathetic to powerful and realize that you can too.

RADiCAL Women Panel – Learn from real women who have been through the struggle and came out on top as they share their tips and lessons from the trenches.

Suzy’s Message – Suzy gives you the first steps you have to take to claim the promise of getting your heart’s desires. She helps you figure out what YOU really want out of life, separate from him or anyone else.

Experts Share Their Wisdom & Tools For Getting the Most out of life.

  1. Cathy Newton – “Risk It – Get RADiCAL”
    • She teaches us how to get bold and brave and take risks to get what we want.
    • You’ll start taking responsibility for yourself and look forward instead of staying stuck in the past.
  2. Pam Davenport – “A little more, a little better”
    • A triathlon coach who has a guaranteed plan to bring out the athlete in every woman.
    • It gives you more energy everyday, more self confidence and you’re more optimistic about your life, and you look better and feel better.
  3. Rev. Cheryl Bell – “The Spirit @ Work: God IS with us!”
    • A feisty woman who shares her own RADiCAL story and how finding your spiritual center changes everything for good.
    • Cheryl helps us tap into that source of power that is available in every circumstance and is our constant guide and companion.
  4. Diane Breneman – “Peace from Surviving to Thriving”
    • A Conscious Transformation Trainer who shares her tools for finding peace in the middle of any storm.
    • Makes me see that my emotions and demeanor can be transformed and used for positive purposes.
    • I don’t have to be an emotional mess so that my ex tells his girlfriend, “See, I told you she’s a crazy person!”

Plus, food and beverages provided starting with appetizers on Friday, Continental breakfast on Saturday, two healthy snack breaks and a delicious full lunch on Saturday.

Conference Registration Fee – $179

“This class has been an absolute lifeline for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! God bless.”
Jan Heffron
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Discover Your Heart's Desires
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So who is Midlife Divorce Recovery? And what is RADiCAL?

Today, we are the leading provider of Divorce Recovery Support for women. For more than 10 years, we have created successful programs to help women navigate the divorce recovery road and create a life that is fun and good and fulfilling.

We’ve worked with thousands of women who have been in your situation. This is what we do every day at Midlife Divorce Recovery. It’s what we live and breathe.

We’ve fully developed our resources and created the best women’s recovery programs around. And we’re now providing concentrated times where women can come together to connect with each other and get motivated by incredible speakers and get powerful, proven resources all at once for a big burst forward.

We help you unlock the power of what we’ve spent 10 years studying and learning and teaching. Whether just starting out, or simply tired of feeling crappy and eager to get this crazy divorce behind you once and for all, we are here to take you to where you want to go. It’s your life. Your future is your responsibility, but we have the tools and experience to help you get what you want much more quickly and with less trauma than struggling and bumbling and inching away on your own.

You are a worthy, beautiful, potential-filled woman, and we want you to become everything you are meant to be! This conference can be a big step in getting you there!

RADiCAL is …

RADiCAL Meaning