What happens in 2013 is up to us! That's reason to celebrate!

What happens in 2013 is up to us! That’s reason to celebrate!

Does the thought of a new year make you nervous or make you excited?  Early on in the divorce process the future made me anxious and worried and sad.  I thought I would never really find the full joy and fulfillment and fun I wanted in life.  I honestly thought I might just be “treading water” until my life ended … just going through the motions finding a little joy here and there until I died.   I am living proof that my life now is full of just as many good things as ever.  And I’m smarter and more aware and more appreciative of every single blessing I have. My laughter is more free and full.  My appreciation for just being alive is  a constant.  God has so touched me through this that I am beginning to really understand the concept of “everything becomes a blessing with God in it.”  Isn’t that amazing?  Isn’t it incredible that every single thing that happens to us … this divorce; the pain; the anger; the insecurity; the worry we’ve experienced has led (or can lead) us closer to God and to how he means for us to live our lives on this planet? Just think about it.  Don’t you feel more equipped to face anything life throws at you?  Haven’t you learned to not sweat the small stuff so much?  Haven’t you discovered more clearly that circumstances and people don’t control our happiness … we do?!  Don’t you see the little pleasures of life with more amazement? This divorce that you hate can be the true turning point to the life you were meant to live all along.  Don’t worry that one person doesn’t get it!  Don’t fret that one self-centered person will never get it!  You get it!  And you can build your new life in 2013 with other people from everywhere who get it.  You can show others how to get it!  You become this shining beacon in the night for so many people around you! Shining God’s bright light yourself changes absolutely everything for you and for those God brings into your realm of influence! I’m telling you 2013 can bring you joy beyond imagining.  (I know you might think I’m too cheery about all this and these are shallow platitudes for out-of-touch-with-reality pollyannas.) All I’ll say to that is everything I say is true for me and absolutely can be for you, too!  Believe it!  Live it.

Here is my motto for 2013:

Love better.     Live bigger.     Laugh more!

I am really excited about what comes next!  God has promised whatever it is he can use if for His glory and my good!  What about you?

“… we can be sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.”  Romans 8:28 (The Message)