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Thank You for Ordering the
MasterPlan – Your Personal Path to Transformation!


Below is Your First Activity As a

Read Carefully!

First Step – Create Your RADiCAL Stage Name

Now that you have ordered the MasterPlan your first step is to create a username for the MDRcommunity. Something we like to call your RADiCAL Stage Name.

The formula is simple: Your first name is the name of the first pet you remember, or your first doll, if you didn’t have a pet. (My first dog’s name was Frisky.) Your last name comes from the street where you lived in elementary school. (I lived on Ridgewood.) So, my name became Frisky Ridgewood. I love the name.

Second Step – Create Your Password

You password must be 8 characters long, or we will run into technical difficulties once you hit the submit button.

On that note – If you ever have a technical issue or trouble with the community. Simply email help@midlifedivorcerecovery.com

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