A New Name After Divorce

A New Name After Divorce:
Spiritual questions and insights after divorce

“From the excruciating pain of divorce, the Lord was truly changing my name. From abandoned to welcomed. From rejected to cherished. From defeated to victorious.” ~Dana Hood

This whole blog today is from Dana Hood. I met Dana at Pepperdine University a few years ago at an international Christian conference. She has the same publisher that I do, and we had a chance to talk at an author’s gathering. We have so much in common, there was an instant connection. If you are going through divorce, you will feel a connection as well. Get her book I Will Change Your Name, (Leafwood Publishers) and be challenged comforted and inspired.  It’s a book of spiritual questions and insights that can show up during your trip through this life-changing event.

Even though your spiritual path might be different from Dana’s path, and even though you might not even believe in God, her words are an invitation to seek God in this experience and see what happens.  There are words of encouragement for all who want to find new purpose not in spite of your divorce, but because of how God can use it for His glory (and your good by the way).

Listen to what Dana has to say:   “I teach in a Christian University. I take very seriously my responsibility to nurture young men and women in faith. My prayer is that my students will see in my life the faith I profess. After my divorce. I was afraid to let my students know. Will this destroy my witness? Will it confuse their faith? Will I bring dishonor to God because my marriage has failed?

What a surprise God had in store for me! Once again I learned that my circumstances do not limit what He can do through me. My patient Father taught me again (I am a slow learner) that His strength is made perfect through weakness. The Lord has used me in the lives of my students in ways I could have never imagined.

Have you let the deceiver convince you that the Father no longer has any use for you? Don’t believe it! We serve a God who can turn mourning into dancing! He can bring victory from failure! And he can use broken people to bring his healing power to the world.

Father, thank you for removing my shame. Here is my imperfect life. Use it for your glory today.”

“May those who wait for You not be ashamed through me, O Lord God of hosts; may those who seek You not be dishonored through me, O God of Israel.” ~Psalm 69:6