“…By adopting a creative outlook you open yourself up both to new possibilities and to change.” ~ Roger von Oech, A Whack on the Side of the Head

As Roger von Oech says, “a whack on the side of the head” can come in many forms. Sometimes it’s losing a job or breaking your leg so you have to see things from a new, less mobile perspective … or for us, it’s a midlife divorce.

An Opportunity For Growth

A sudden life change can force us into thinking in new ways about almost everything. This is an opportunity for growth, not a defeat.

Our creative thinking can be called into service to help us break out of old, inappropriate habits and spur us on toward “outside the box” thinking. Creativity can be enhanced simply by taking a new way to work, or brushing your teeth with your left hand (if you’re a righty) or learning a new skill.

Try New Things

We all need to be reminded that many, if not most major breakthroughs come as a result of failures or “disasters” in life. We all know about Post-It notes, the electric light and so on…all results of experiments gone awry.

After your divorce is a perfect time to steer your life in a new direction and try something new!

New Discoveries

Even though you may be feeling weak and defeated today, try to think of your divorce as a gateway to new discoveries about who you are and what fun, fulfilling and creative experiences might be in your future.

Don’t be afraid of new things. Take a risk. Be creative. It’s liberating and it’s fun. And so what if you fail once or twice, or ten times? We were, ourselves, created for glory!

“Bring … my daughters from the ends of the earth–everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” ~ Isaiah 43:6b-7 (NIV)

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