About Midlife Divorce Recovery

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Our Story

This is a story of women coming together in a desperate time of need.

In 2000, I was divorced after 33 years of marriage, and I did not do well with that. I went from anger to despair to totally pissed and back again through every negative emotion imaginable.

I could easily be writing this from the State Penitentiary. I was that mad when I found out my ex-husband who had promised to love, honor and cherish me through sickness and health, for better or for worse until we died, told me he had a girlfriend. I then endured three years of agony, embarrassment and pain before I came to my senses and filed for divorce.

Suddenly everywhere I turned, women were telling me their similar stories of betrayal and divorce. All of us were trying to cope the best we could, but we needed help.

So I started a small group in an effort to make the trip through this emotional jungle easier.

Our Mission & RADiCAL were born.

We began calling ourselves the “RADiCAL Women.” We met every other week at my house. I put together a workbook to give some form to our first discussion because I was afraid we might all sit down and just start crying, and not be able to stop.

I wanted their to be some form of agenda to prevent that. There were tears to be sure, but there was also laughter, a lot of laughter.

We Love Bringing Women Together & Helping Them Navigate This Journey

Everything Grew From That First RADiCAL Group.

After we got a little more stable on our feet, the stories and structure of that first group led to the book Radical Recovery: Transforming the despair of your divorce into an unexpected good.

We decided to take that passion, experience, and knowledge and create the best program we could for women going through divorce. We included our stories, we recorded the steps we took and succeeded with, we collected all the important sayings and ways of living we tried to embody.

And lastly, we got rid of all the fluff. If you’re looking for pie-in-the-sky recovery, this isn’t the place.

Our Community

The Midlife Divorce Recovery Advantage

As you know there’s no shortage of divorce recovery resources out there. Prices range from $200 an hour for a therapist or counselor or attorney… to $10 for a book or cd. But we felt there was a gap for a dedicated 12 month program that brought women like you together and gave you a structured path to recovery.

We focus on bringing out the best you no matter what your situation is. We want to take away the loneliness, we want to give you a place to “let it all out.” We want to focus on building an amazing life that you are the driver of. We want you to rediscover who you are and then create the life you deserve.

Meet The Team

photo of Suzy Brown founder of Midlife Divorce Recovery

Suzy Brown

Founder, Midlife Divorce Recovery

My name is Suzy Brown and I’m a midlife divorce survivor on a mission to help. For more than 10 years I’ve been spreading the ideal of RADiCAL to anyone who is willing to listen. I’m an author, mother, survivor, grandmother, mentor, teacher, and wife to name a few. I also love to fish!

photo of Grady Sullivan Partner & Chief Executive Officer of Midlife Divorce Recovery

Grady Sullivan

Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Grady Sullivan is the partner and Chief Executive Officer at Midlife Divorce Recovery, responsible for running the day-to-day operations. Grady leads the design, development and general nerdy-ness that allows Midlife Divorce Recovery to run. He is also Suzy’s youngest child and one of his primary roles is keeping Suzy in line and out of trouble.

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