“AS A RULE OF THUMB: Adventures are not fun while they’re happening.” ~ Tom Parker, Never Trust A Calm Dog And Other Rules Of Thumb

Defining Adventure

When I read this quote above, I immediately thought about midlife divorce, though admittedly, adventure is not the word I would have used to describe my agonizing experience at the time.

I decided to look up the definition of adventure just to see if there were any correlations. Webster defines ‘adventure’ as, “A dangerous incident, or a hazardous enterprise. To adventure is to risk, expose to danger. Adventurous is: requiring courage, fraught with danger.”

Adversity Births Strength

Our midlife divorce journey is without a doubt an adventure by those definitions. Fraught with danger. Requiring courage. Full of risk. And, it’s definitely is not fun while it’s happening. In fact, it’s not even fun in hindsight.

But adventures and troubles and challenges of every sort do make us stronger, more capable and empower us in a way that the easy life does not allow.

Adventure Produces Growth

After you get through this midlife divorce recovery expedition, you will see exactly how much you’ve grown emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. And hopefully you’re also in better physical shape.

I know I don’t worry about the non-essentials of life like I used to. I am more compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others. I am more attuned to the wild nature of life itself.

I was faced with extreme testing and extreme doubt and discouragement and fear … but I survived. And so will you. Just like an extreme adventurer, where wits are tested to the max, victory is even sweeter because it heightens our awareness of everything good.

It Makes Us Better

The tough stuff makes us better, braver and more loving than ever before. For that we can be glad! Look at yourself as an adventurer today – even though the journey is not fun, before you know it you will reap the rich and radiant rewards of the struggle.

“So be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead, even though the going is rough for a while down here.” ~ I Peter 1:6 (The Living Bible)