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After the pain of divorce, you can choose what comes next.

We all struggle with the pain and challenges of divorce but there is a new world out there for us to enjoy and savor.  I’m three years out in my divorce journey and life is great again.  The first few years are utterly painfu; but if you just put one foot in front of the other, a new and better life will emerge.  You just need to WANT something better for yourself.  Try not to dwell on what you thought life would have been and focus on what life can be for you.  The past is over – gone, finished, caput!  But … your new future is waiting.  Do you want to waste another moment?  This is what I’ve learned from my divorce journey:
•    I will not only survive but I will thrive!
•    I can sleep alone.  I can hog the covers, lie diagonally in bed and stay up until 3am   reading with no one to complain about my sleep habits.
•    I can balance my own check book or choose not to.  I choose not to.
•    I can paint my toe nails any color I want.
•    I don’t have to watch football all day on Sundays!
•    I can come home after a hard day at work and put on my favorite worn-out sweat pants, take off my uncomfortable bra and munch on a bag of popcorn for dinner and no one will look down at me for being “lazy.”  In fact, my dog loves those shared dinners together and thinks I look awesome!
•    I can invite my girlfriends over for a late night of food & laughs without feeling like I’m disturbing anyone.  FYI – never, and I mean NEVER give up your best girlfriends.
•    I would rather be alone than with someone who doesn’t respect me, cherish me and protect our relationship from outside influences.
•    The tool guys at Home Depot are very helpful to single women.
•    Life gets easier when we stop being so hard on ourselves.

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