About Lori

Lori Colt is an educator, speaker, and eLearning developer. She’s a two-year RADiCAL veteran of the Midlife Divorce Recovery Program. Lori is passionate about helping women remove powerless feelings, improve self-perception, and launch their new lives. Keeping her life full are nine grandchildren, an e-bike, and an Australian Shepherd who catches every frisbee thrown.

Dating Your Ex-Husband After Divorce


Dating my ex-husband certainly didn’t happen right after I left him. He was too furious even to talk to me. When talking did start again, it was easy to see that we were not just separating temporarily to have space to fix things, we were filing for divorce and the war over assets began.

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Divorce During the Coronavirus


Amid everything that's been going on with the coronavirus and the state of the world right now, we wanted to see if we could provide some helpful advice as you're dealing with this and the challenges you're already experiencing. Our Midlife Divorce Recovery team recognizes that our audience is unique in that you are

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