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When You Can’t Sleep During Divorce


One thing I often recall about my divorce recovery journey are the many mornings where there seemed to be no choice but to get out of bed, because sleep had become such an elusive respite. I would wake up and cry, be terrified, tormented by memories, lonely, and... you all know the list. I felt helpless and

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Creating A Smoother Path For Your Divorce


It was Myrtle Reed who plainly stated, “If we all tried to make other people's paths easy, our own feet would have a smooth even place to walk on”. This is an important thing to remember as you in the process of separation with a spouse (do trial separations work?). While it may be

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Financial Checklist: Going Through A Divorce


Divorce is a major life change that can bring a great deal of financial stress. A financial advisor can be a trusted resource to help walk through many of the financial decisions you may need to make. Below is a link to a checklist compiled by Edward Jones, that will help guide you through the important financial details to

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Women Walking With God Conference


I am honored to be speaking at the 10th annual Women Walking With God Conference on April 21-22 this upcoming year. It is a two-day conference engaging women from all over the country in fellowship, spiritual growth, singing and laughter. Each speaker will be sharing on the topic of seeing God as our refuge in the

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Facing Fear During Halloween And During Divorce


“I have a policy about fear: It cripples the soul, so you just have to fight it.” ~ Diane Keaton Every Holiday Changes During and After Divorce - Even Halloween Halloween is coming up in just a few days.  I don’t know about you, but seeing all of these little kids in their costumes

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Our Community


Here's the deal: One way women solve problems is to talk through them. But after divorce, people who care about us just want us to feel better. They say things like "It's time for you to move on." or "You're better off without him, just get over it!" "You need to get on with your life!"

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Finding Your New Home After Divorce


"If your credit score going in was better than your spouse, the divorce can actually benefit you from a financial standpoint. You’re no longer responsible for the other person’s debts." ~ Kevin Graham, Getting a Mortgage After Divorce, Quicken Loans  For many women, one of the most freeing, and most terrifying aspects of a

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