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Being A Stepmom With No Kids Of Your Own


I met my husband just weeks before my twenty-fifth birthday. Single and without children, I hadn’t been in a real relationship in a few years and I had no hopes or dreams of marriage or children of that matter. It was not even a blip on the radar for me. Then, there he was.

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I Want My Parents To Get A Divorce


As a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist, I regularly hear my clients say, “my parents should have gotten divorced.” This is usually followed by statements like, “They fought all the time”; “there was always a lot of yelling when I was growing up”; “I don’t know why they ever got together, they have

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Homeowners Insurance During Divorce


Policy Ownership Divorce is inevitably a stressful situation that requires a substantial amount of patience. While assets such your home are most likely going to be one of the main considerations to sort out with your ex-spouse, remember not to overlook your insurance policies during the process. There are many different ways that you

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How Child Support Modification Works


Child support modification processes vary by state. This article describes the general process and what to expect. It does not constitute legal advice. In most states, if you have to modify an order for child support, you begin by filing a form with the family law court. There may be a different form for

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