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Suzy developed Midlife Divorce Recovery as a safe refuge for people healing and surviving the overwhelm of divorce. Starting her first RADiCAL support group in 2003 she's been helping women navigate the journey of divorce ever since.

Using Social Media After Breakups & Divorces


Social media is an ever-present force in society today, and that includes its impact on primary relationships. Breakups, separations and divorces have frequently been affected by, or caused by, social media interactions. The topic of social media and divorce is not only of interest to counselors and sociologists, but to the people whose marriages

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My Husband Says He Needs Space


It’s often not a good sign when your husband says he needs space. However, if you’ve just had a knock-down dragout fight, and in anger and frustration your husband says in a louder than necessary voice, “I need to get out of here! I just need some space!” That’s not usually as worrisome, as

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Keep Or Ditch Your Married Name After Divorce?


Many people view the divorce process as transformative. It gives them a fresh start and a new path forward. No wonder, then, that so many people wonder, “Should I change my name after divorce?” This is a significant personal decision. Your name is part of your identity. You may choose to keep your married

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What To Do On Your First Date After Divorce


If you have been separated and then divorced, especially at midlife after a long marriage, just thinking about a first date after divorce can make you break out in hives and your heart start pounding in your chest. Not only are we nervous about a first date after divorce, but so much happens to

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How To Forgive & Be Forgiven After Divorce


Okay! You are divorced or you are on the road heading to that destination, and you are finally going to have to face the “F” Word after the divorce is final...Forgiveness. Most of you knew this day would come. And you’re probably still not ready. We’re going to talk about divorce forgiveness anyway, because

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Should Divorced Parents Share A Birthday Party?


After divorce, pretty much everything in our life changes, especially if we have children. That includes how we celebrate birthdays after the divorce is final. During separation, parents may attempt to celebrate birthdays and holidays together, and some couples try to keep that up even after the divorce process is over. One of the

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High School Sweetheart Relationship Trends


If you’re googling “What percent of high school relationships last?” or “What percentage of high school sweethearts get married?” or “High school sweetheart divorce rate,”  You’re either: Thinking of marrying a high school sweetheart now  In a wobbly relationship that started as high school sweethearts Thinking about divorcing your high school sweetheart who is

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My Husband Flirts With Other Women


What do you think about married men who flirt? What does it mean when a married man flirts? Does that mean he is not happy in his marriage? Does that mean he is having an affair? How to tell if your husband is flirting? These are all questions that need to be answered NOW

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Handling Marriage Problems After 25 Years


What happens to marriages in midlife? After 20, 25, 30 or more years? The truth is - a lot!  If you’re not married, you probably don’t understand why marriages fail after 25 years. Really, what could go wrong if your marriage has already lasted 25 or 30 or more years? If you survive all

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Where To Live After Divorce


I read somewhere that when you are trying to figure out what comes next after your midlife divorce, your first decision should be where you want to live after the divorce is final. Before, during and after a midlife divorce, almost every single thing in your life is turned upside-down. No other life challenge

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