About Suzy Brown

Suzy Brown developed Midlife Divorce Recovery as a safe refuge for people healing and surviving the overwhelm of divorce. Starting her first RADiCAL support group in 2003 she's been helping women navigate the journey of divorce ever since.

Conflict Resolution For Divorcing Couples


When I am invited to a family member’s or a friend’s wedding, I often give a Galway Crystal “Make Up Bell” to the couple as a wedding shower gift. The Irish tradition is that you ring the bell after reciting your marriage vows. Then, when you and your spouse have a serious conflict or

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Becoming A Single Mom After Divorce


One of the things every divorced single mom is most concerned about is how this family breakup is going to affect her children. Most of us are more upset about what the divorce means for our kids than what it means for us. I did not want to be in that “Single Mom” Club!

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How To Handle Divorce in Your Workplace


Dealing with divorce in the workplace depends on a lot of different variables. In a program I presented to the Kansas City Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association, I explained that the answer to how to handle divorce at work depends on if you are dealing with divorce:  As an employee (When divorce happens

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Should I Spend The Holidays With My Ex?


Holidays and vacations after divorce are a minefield of schedules to be hammered out and difficult emotional and physical adjustments to be made...especially if you have children. Since our children are often in our top three issues of concern after a marital separation or breakup, we should try to celebrate the holidays after divorce

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How to Get A Job After Divorce


Divorce is a life event that often causes more disruption in your day-to-day life than any other relationship event...especially if you’re facing divorce at midlife and have been a stay-at-home mom, and have no job. If you have never had to fully support yourself, the terrifying question of “How am I going to survive

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How To Deal With Anger After Divorce


Before divorce, I always thought I was a pretty even-tempered woman. I hardly ever “lost it” in an outburst of rage. There were existential things I was angry about like suffering children, oppression and poverty; but I was hardly ever mad enough to lose control in my everyday life. That was before the infidelity

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My Children Hate My Ex After Divorce


14 year old doesn't want to visit father Divorce is hard on kids. While adults may be more mature and able to handle the strong emotions that usually arise after divorce, kids may not have developed the emotional maturity or experience in dealing with difficult issues at this point in their life. Additionally, it

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10 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving Especially During Divorce


Sometimes during divorce, it’s hard to be thankful. All we can see is everything we have lost and everything that is wrong with our life. Life is messy and complicated. We may be sad and angry. This is exactly the time we need to practice gratitude. Regardless of what is happening in our

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How To Build Confidence After Divorce


I had never in my worst nightmare thought at 53 years old, I would be googling “how to get your confidence back after divorce” or “regaining confidence after divorce.” I didn’t even believe in divorce! Plus we had a good marriage, great kids, grandkids on the way and good things all over the place.

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How The Church Handles Divorce


When I was growing up, hardly anyone was divorced. At least it seemed like that. Divorce was especially rare for people who were in the pews on Sunday mornings. Divorce in the church community was usually swept under the rug. The Church handled divorce by ignoring it or condemning it. It was looked down

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