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Ex-Husband Won’t Pay Child Support


Does my ex-husband have to pay court ordered child support? Yes!  What can you do when your ex-husband refuses to pay child support? You can enforce your children’s rights to his support, get your ex-husband to start making support payments, and get the back-owed support paid. The best way to get your children the

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What Is Alimony? The Comprehensive Guide


Alimony, also called spousal support, is payments made by one spouse to another following divorce. In the days when most women kept house and cared for the children and their husbands were the breadwinners, men were usually the ones to pay alimony. But these days, either men and women can be ordered to pay

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How To File For Legal Separation


Filing for legal separation is a life-changing decision that impacts the individuals in a relationship significantly. Learn about legal separation. What States Allow Legal Separation? All states “allow” legal separation except Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Several states recognize legal separation as a formal contractual arrangement, like a marriage or adoption. Some

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