At Midlife Divorce Recovery, we get it.

You’re in a relationship that seems to be solid.  You have older children who are getting more independent, are leaving the nest or are already starting their own serious relationships and families.  You may even have grandchildren.

Then, it happens.  Your spouse comes home one night and says something like:
“I’m not happy.”
“I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”
“I need to find myself.”

Or you might find something on his or her phone from a lover who is not you … a message that is more than a friend or an acquaintance might send …. an intimate message full of sexual innuendo or romantic words of desire and secrecy.

When you confront your partner, you are either lied to or made to feel crazy or in rare cases, your partner admits there is someone else.

Your heart sinks.  You feel sick.  You can’t believe this is happening.

Then, when your worst fears start coming true, you are still in denial and you think you can fix it.  You resolve to do better.  You suggest counseling.

But when none of that works, and you realize your marriage is over, you’re left feeling blindsided, heartbroken, angry and confused.

You have so many questions:
Why did this happen?
Why didn’t I see this coming?
What did I do wrong?
What could I have done differently?
What do I do now?

Like I said before, I understand how you feel.

Going through a breakup, a separation or especially a divorce is heartbreaking … and it can leave you feeling broken in all sorts of ways.  You feel like you are not enough or that you’re not worthy of love or that you’ll never find love or that you’ll never get over this.

But I want you to know, you’re not broken.  And you are not alone.

That’s why I want to share this with you!

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How to get pst the pain of a breakup
How to answer some of the non-stop questions you’ve been asking yourself since the relationship ended
How to deal with loneliness and enjoy being single again
How to know when you are ready to start dating again

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