We Are No Longer Accepting Submissions –
Thank You To Everyone Who Submitted Their Application

Divorce Transition Guide & Team Catalyst – Hiring Now!

Are You An Amazing Communicator, The Resident Tech Wiz. Do You Genuinely Care About Helping People, And Thrive In A Setting Where You’re Ready To Solve The Next Challenge That Comes Up With Enthusiasm and Energy?
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As a Divorce Transition Guide for MDR, your mission is to help make the divorce process easier and less painful.

We’ll be honest, this is a demanding role that requires a broad skill set. All the way from helping customers with tech related support as they use our community and resources, to helping guide people through an extremely difficult and emotional time in their lives. Pointing them in the right direction and engaging with customers who feel their experience hasn’t been up to par.

You’ll be expected to live Our Mission – To help people find the unexpected good.

About You…

  • You have gone through a divorce and have navigated the grieving process in your own recovery. – REQUIRED
  • You have a love for technology + a desire to keep learning.
  • You have some technical expertise and a knack for problem solving (WordPress experience a plus!).
  • You have a contagious upbeat attitude and love working with people.
  • You live, eat, and breathe empathy and kindness (and a healthy dose of curiosity).
  • You demonstrate a natural gift for patience and understanding.
  • You might not be a poet, but you express yourself well in writing and verbally.
  • You have experience in, or are keen to, work in a startup environment.
  • You have a flexible schedule
  • You’re very process oriented and can’t stand it when things aren’t tidy.
  • You are the type of person who sees a question or problem, and doesn’t just solve it and move on… but you ask other questions to see if you can prevent that problem from happening again with a process or improvement.
  • You have an ability to communicate in real language, are able to use humor when appropriate and are comfortable sharing from your heart some of the dumb things you did or struggles you had going through your own divorce trip.
  • The ability to connect in a real life way to how they are feeling, including the wild, intense, and often erratic emotions that are part of this journey.

Your Main Responsibilities

Manage our Facebook presence.

  • Updating the MDR feed
  • Keeping an eye on comments
  • Responding to direct messages
  • Completing a weekly report

Be a custodian of our online community.

  • Adding our new content to the blog feed
  • Updating the inspirational messages
  • Monitoring conversations in the forum to keep things in check
  • Monitoring conversations to ensure everyone feels welcome

Maintain our company inboxes.

  • Filter our emails to ensure important items are taken care of
  • Responding to divorce related emails and conversations
  • Handling customer support issues
    • Cancellations
    • Billing updates
    • Login issues

Engaging visitors on our site messaging system

  • Making sure visitors aren’t neglected and feel welcomed when they visit our site.

Provide consultations with people who sign up for consults.

  • Process unscheduled callers
  • Process scheduled consults
  • Follow up with call back list

Support team on day-to-day operations.

  • Assist with new blog publishing
  • Moderate sales site comments

Manage the dunning process.

  • Make follow-up calls to overdue members
  • Update billing details
  • Send members to write-off bad debt

The Serious Stuff

  • Expected to work ~ 15 hours per week when starting.
  • Expected to increase to a full-time job by the end of 2019.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Starting pay of $12 an hour.
  • Paid time off.
  • This is a virtual position.
  • Free Books: Reading a book to help you grow in your life? Awesome, we’ll buy them for you
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Ready To Take The First Step?


Addressing the following questions:

  1. Why do you think you’d be an amazing divorce transition guide & virtual assistant? Give SPECIFIC and quantifiable examples of past achievements and/or accolades.
  2. Describe your experience in a support position, past work you’ve done either working directly with clients or directly with team members, primarily in the role of keeping them organized and taking care of the nitty gritty, and in your skills to communicate in awesome ways with team members and clients.
  3. Describe where you are in the divorce recovery process yourself and how you can use your own experience to be a valuable guide during this transition.
  4. What are the last three books you’ve read?
  5. What do you do for fun?
  6. Explain what you’re doing now for work:
    1. If you don’t have job, explain why.
    2. If you have one, explain why you’re looking elsewhere.

2. Update your RESUME and include it.

3. Send us your typing speed?

4. Show us what you’ve got!

  • Create a document titled “You’ll get through this. I’m here to help.”
  • On this document respond to the following three women under the headings Woman 1, Woman 2 & Woman 3.
    1. WOMAN 1 – My husband was having an affair. After 13 years of marriage and almost 14 years together I don’t understand how he could do this to me and our girls. He’s already engaged and is getting married a week before our anniversary. How do I stop thinking about him? I’m having a really hard time because he won’t give me any answers! Why does it hurt so much?
    2. WOMAN 2 – My husband is selfish and only cares about money. My husband was demanding and manipulative and verbally abusive. I stuck up for myself one time and he divorced me for it. I’m trying so hard not to be mad all the time. And I’m terrified about my life being in the air. I’m four months in. No end in sight. Still attorneys going back and forth.
    3. WOMAN 3 – Husband having an affair with a coworker. Not his first time, either. Didn’t want to be married anymore, wanted her. Read text on his phone that he was her man, and she wasn’t going to share him with another woman.mII am struggling with being a failure at being caused a loser by him. I am not confident in myself anymore. I have been divorced 3 years and I have no confidence at getting back out there. We were together a little over 30 years. I thought God gave me a chance at this marriage. I am having a hard time healing my heart. I feel it is all over for me and I will now be alone for the rest of my life.

5. Email everything.

To us at careers@midlifedivorcerecovery.com … title the email [I’m the Divorce Transition Guide You Want at MDR!!] in the subject line… AND tell us how RADiCAL resonates with you and WHY in the body of the email. Applications without all four components listed above will be deleted.

We Are No Longer Accepting Submissions –
Thank You To Everyone Who Submitted Their Application