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The more serious a woman is about her Christian faith, the more devastated she is about a divorce.  So, if a divorce happens for any reason, a Christian woman is not only distraught about the divorce, she feels as though she has disappointed God, too. Not long ago, even the idea of Christian divorce

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No Apology Necessary


“Positive thinking seems to be mandatory in the breast cancer world, to the point that unhappiness requires a kind of apology.”  ~ Barbara Ehrenreich, Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America The Sadness As a Christian woman, do you ever feel the need to apologize for your midlife divorce sadness? When

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The Suffering Of Divorce


“… An individual needs suffering and misfortune: they compel the deepening of the inner life and generate a spiritual upsurge.”  ~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago Comfort The Gulag Archipelago is required reading in Russia. It is the account of one man’s victory over unbelievably horrible circumstances, and his journey to a spiritual freedom and power that is only

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Accept What Is & Give Thanks


“Life is accepting what is and working from that.” ~ Gloria Naylor, African American novelist and educator The Apostle Paul in his letter to Timothy makes this statement: “Everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with Thanksgiving.” He was specifically referencing food in this passage. Some

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Why We Cling To Nasty People


“You may know someone, someone you consider to be a good person, who puts up with another who makes her life miserable.”  ~ Jay Carter, Nasty People: How to Stop Being Hurt by Them Without Becoming One of Them Being A "Fixer" I lead RADiCAL divorce recovery support groups and the stories are heartbreaking. Early on, the

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Normal After Divorce?


"Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting."
  ~ Anonymous, Have Fun Stand Out! What is "normal" anyway? Most days I feel like anything but normal. I think if we each fully grasped how infinitely above normal we really are, we would be smiling every minute. We are each an original; a bright and shining star unlike

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Setting Boundaries After Divorce


“This great experiment in liberty will endure and flourish only so long as we maintain the humility, faith, and character to govern ourselves.” ~ John Adams Are you tired of political propaganda? I am. Even though I love our process of democracy (as messy as it is), I'm tired of being bombarded by misleading ads and

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A Fuzzy Vision After Divorce


“Many of us go through life with only a fuzzy sense of where we are going.” ~ Jeffrey Young, PhD and Janet Klosko, PhD, Reinventing Your Life: How to Break Free From Negative Life Patterns Questioning Where am I going in life? What is life all about? What am I here for? Is life just a

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Lonely For Myself After Divorce


"We’ve been so busy being the good wife… the good mother… the good daughter, the outstanding employee, the successful entrepreneur, and everyone else’s idea of what 'perfect' is supposed to be that we’ve lost touch with who we really are.” Elaine St. James, author of Living the Simple Life

 Who Am I? “’I’m lonely for

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