Surviving & Coping With Divorce

Coping with divorce is hard. There are many unknowns: how to talk with your kids, how to move on with your life and heal your broken heart. Learn how to survive these difficult days after divorce.

Getting A Pet After Divorce


Let’s face it, during divorce most of us are an emotional mess. We wear the same sweats for a week. We cry all day. We are barely functioning, wondering if we’re going to end up hoarding stuff and never going outside again. Friends and family worry about us, set up a “mom-watch” and start

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Divorce Quotes: Funny, Inspirational & More


Quotes can change lives. We can read a statement, even from thousands of years ago, that speaks to an issue we are facing in our divorce right now! Words of a contemporary author can change our whole perspective about our divorce. How about this memorable divorce quote from Linda Sunshine? “Finally, never forget that

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How To Engage In Self Care After Divorce


Self care during separation and divorce is what I emphasize first to anyone who comes to Midlife Divorce Recovery for help. There is never a time when we should be focused on taking care of ourselves more than when we are going through divorce. The divorce process is exhausting and overwhelming. The mental and

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Divorce Because Of Alcohol Abuse


Alcohol abuse, or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), can destroy marriages and create havoc in all family interactions. Alcoholism makes existing relationship issues more difficult, and problems in the relationship can then cause alcohol abuse to increase. All can lead to eventual thoughts of divorcing an alcoholic. Almost every day, I get messages from women

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Good Movies About Divorce


Why in the world would you want to watch a movie about divorce when you are going through a divorce?  When a couple is going through a divorce, even if it’s amicable, there are feelings of loss, pain, regret, doubt, confusion, vulnerability, loneliness and fear of the unknown. Allowing yourself to feel all of

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Telling Friends & Family About Divorce


When I first realized that my marriage was not going to survive, I didn’t want to tell family or friends I was getting a divorce. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed. I had been determined not to be one of those divorced people that I always felt sorry for, but never knew what to

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My Ex-Husband Is Narcissistic


Unless you have been married to a narcissist, it is very hard to explain what it is like. In the beginning, you start to realize that something is off, but you can’t put your finger on just what is happening. You can’t seem to make yourself understood, and no matter how hard you try,

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I Miss My Ex-Wife After Divorce


I remember reading somewhere that “we don’t miss our ex when we leave, but we do miss our ex when they start moving on!” If we are the one who left, we often think things may be looking up for us. But once our ex wife starts dating or getting herself and her life

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The Psychological Effects of Divorce


None of us goes into a marriage -- expecting to get divorced, right? Right. However, marriages that end in divorce become the reality for many of us. So what do we do when we discover that we aren’t going to be spending the rest of our lives with the person we loved enough to

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Suicide After Divorce Or Cheating


If you are facing a partner’s infidelity and the destruction of your marriage, and are considering harming yourself, or if you are worried about a loved one hurting himself or herself, call the number below: National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255  (Available 24/7) Thoughts Of Suicide After Divorce Or Cheating Are Common Feelings of desperate

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