Coping With Divorce

Coping with divorce is hard. There are many unknowns: how to talk with your kids, how to move on with your life and heal your broken heart. Suzy’s blog can help

Infidelity Recovery Stages


“Infidelity Recovery Stages.” That sounds so neat and tidy. The stages of healing after infidelity.  I thought to myself, “Is healing even possible after infidelity?”  Recovery from the damage and devastation that is caused by this kind of betrayal is never easy.  Infidelity is one of the most serious assaults on a marriage there

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Living Alone After Divorce


The first time I had ever lived alone was after my divorce after 33 years of marriage.  I was 53 when the divorce was final. When my youngest child left for college the next year, I was faced with living alone for the first time in my life.   I had gone from my

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How Long Should It Take To Get Over A Divorce?


Do you feel like it’s taking way too long to get better after your divorce?  Take a look at why you feel that way. My first counselor told me that the trending opinion of therapists about divorce recovery was that it usually takes about one year of recovery for every five to seven years

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Divorce Recovery Books


When I was going through my midlife divorce, I read literally hundreds of divorce recovery books.  I was desperate and I thought if I could just get one positive idea or find some little glimmer of hope in each book, it was worth my time. Right this minute I have 257 books (yes, I

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How To Feel Better After A Divorce


Just reading those words, “How To Feel Better After A Divorce” sounds so neat and tidy. The truth is that feeling better after divorce is anything but neat and tidy!  The process is usually exhausting and overwhelming and is different for everyone. Before I went through my own divorce, I considered myself a strong,

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Divorce After 60


If you’re divorcing after 60, there are specific names for our situation.  Silver divorce. Gray divorce. Late-life divorce. Boomer divorce.  We are women who have chosen divorce or have had divorce forced on us in our 50s and 60s.  Whatever the reasons, after-60 divorce is becoming more common. There are several reasons for this

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Surviving Divorce After 50


If our marriage has survived into our fifties, we think it should be smooth sailing after that.  That’s turning out not to be the case. Sadly, more divorces are happening after 50 (often called Gray Divorces) than you might expect, affecting everything from our children, our finances, our self esteem and sometimes our very

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Cultural Myths & Divorce


“Let’s do something cheap and superficial; Let’s do something that we might regret; Let’s do something shallow and insensitive, ‘Cause this might be the only chance we get.” Sung by Burt Reynolds in the movie, Cannonball Run Empty Promises Have you ever read the book How To Be Your Own Selfish Pig – And Other Ways

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Growing Into Ourselves After Divorce


“Growing as wild women involves breaking out of cages, boxes, stereotypes, categories, and captivity. It involves standing tall, laughing loudly, and being who we really are.” ~ SARK, Succulent Wild Woman The Discomfort Of Growth Growing is uncomfortable and often feels perilous. And the deep-level of rejection we experience in a midlife divorce can make the

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