Divorce and Children

Divorce and children is one of the hardest topics a parent will ever face. How to talk to your kids, help them heal and more are covered in our divorce blog

A 5 Step Co-Parenting Plan for Divorced Parents


Via Unsplash Divorce can be a harrowing experience for a couple that thought that they would be together forever. If kids are involved, it can be devastating to their sense of safety and certainty. They might even blame themselves for why mom and dad are no longer together. This should motivate both the soon-to-be

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Keep Or Ditch Your Married Name After Divorce?


Many people view the divorce process as transformative. It gives them a fresh start and a new path forward. No wonder, then, that so many people wonder, “Should I change my name after divorce?” This is a significant personal decision. Your name is part of your identity. You may choose to keep your married

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Should Divorced Parents Share A Birthday Party?


After divorce, pretty much everything in our life changes, especially if we have children. That includes how we celebrate birthdays after the divorce is final. During separation, parents may attempt to celebrate birthdays and holidays together, and some couples try to keep that up even after the divorce process is over. One of the

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Grandparents Rights After Divorce


Divorce is usually awful for not only the couple that is divorcing, but also for extended family members, especially if the divorcing couple has children and parents who are close. That special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is usually precious for both the child and the grandparents. But often that grandparent-grandchild relationship changes after

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Becoming A Single Dad After Divorce


One of the hardest parts of the divorce process for men is being a single dad after divorce. If your own father was not an active part in your life, you may feel like you disappointed your kids. Becoming a single dad after divorce is no easy feat, but if you confront your fears

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Missing Your Kids After Divorce


One of the hardest things about divorce is missing your kids when they’re not with you. If you have hardly spent any time away from your kids, this may come as a complete shock to you. Whether you have shared custody or you only get to see your kids one weekend a month, you

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My Children Hate Me After Divorce


Divorce is hard on everyone, but especially difficult for children. Children may experience strong feelings about their parents’ divorce, such as anger, sadness, grief, and resentment. These feelings may be directed at one or both parents. It is vital to help children cope with divorce to minimize the fallout. Here are some additional tips

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My Children Hate My Ex After Divorce


14 year old doesn't want to visit father Divorce is hard on kids. While adults may be more mature and able to handle the strong emotions that usually arise after divorce, kids may not have developed the emotional maturity or experience in dealing with difficult issues at this point in their life. Additionally, it

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Being A Stepmom With No Kids Of Your Own


I met my husband just weeks before my twenty-fifth birthday. Single and without children, I hadn’t been in a real relationship in a few years and I had no hopes or dreams of marriage or children of that matter. It was not even a blip on the radar for me. Then, there he was.

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How To Deal With Your Parents’ Divorce


Watching your parents get divorced at any age is difficult. It’s terrible to have parents divorcing after 30 years of marriage, and my siblings and I had no idea how to deal with it. Hopefully my experience going through it and what I’ve learned working at Midlife Divorce Recovery will help you learn how

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