Divorce and Children

Divorce and children is one of the hardest topics a parent will ever face. How to talk to your kids, help them heal and more are covered in our divorce blog

My Children Hate Me After Divorce


Divorce is hard on everyone, but especially difficult for children. Children may experience strong feelings about their parents’ divorce, such as anger, sadness, grief, and resentment. These feelings may be directed at one or both parents. It is vital to help children cope with divorce to minimize the fallout. Here are some additional tips

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My Children Hate My Ex After Divorce


Divorce is hard on kids. While adults may be more mature and able to handle the strong emotions that usually arise after divorce, kids may not have developed the emotional maturity or experience in dealing with difficult issues at this point in their life. Additionally, it is common for children to hate one parent

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Being A Stepmom With No Kids Of Your Own


I met my husband just weeks before my twenty-fifth birthday. Single and without children, I hadn’t been in a real relationship in a few years and I had no hopes or dreams of marriage or children of that matter. It was not even a blip on the radar for me. Then, there he was.

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How To Deal With Your Parents’ Divorce


Watching your parents get divorced at any age is difficult. It’s terrible to have parents divorcing after 30 years of marriage, and my siblings and I had no idea how to deal with it. Hopefully my experience going through it and what I’ve learned working at Midlife Divorce Recovery will help you learn how

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I Want My Parents To Get A Divorce


As a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist, I regularly hear my clients say, “my parents should have gotten divorced.” This is usually followed by statements like, “They fought all the time”; “there was always a lot of yelling when I was growing up”; “I don’t know why they ever got together, they have

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Divorce With Special Needs Children


Divorce is devastating enough on its own without adding the complications that caring for a special needs child will bring. When facing the dissolution of a marriage, the opposing parties will already have to decide on splitting resources and property, alimony, legal fees, custody and visitation, and more. When a special needs child is

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How Child Support Modification Works


Child support modification processes vary by state. This article describes the general process and what to expect. It does not constitute legal advice. In most states, if you have to modify an order for child support, you begin by filing a form with the family law court. There may be a different form for

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Helping Children Cope With Divorce


Divorce isn’t a pleasurable trip for anyone, and more often than not, children get caught right in the middle of it.  I know, as a parent, you’re often going through an unbelievably painful experience yourself. Even though I watched my Mom spend several years feeling unbelievably sad and pissed and worried about the divorce,

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Stepmother Is Overstepping Her Boundaries


Co-parenting with the stepmother of our children can be a bigger challenge than co-parenting with our ex-husband. Especially if the stepmother is “the other woman” who was involved with our ex-husband while we were still married, accepting her as stepmother to our children just sucks! It adds fuel to the fire if she is

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