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Learning the best tips to prepare for financial negotiations during divorce to getting ready to manage your own finances moving forward, get advice from our finance experts.

Life Insurance After Divorce: What To Do


Going through a divorce can be stressful, devastating and extremely difficult. While divorce can be a long road that involves substantial planning and effort, it is important to remember to consider your entire financial portfolio to ensure everything has been accounted for. During divorce, Life insurance policies can be easily glossed over but remember

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How Child Support Modification Works


Child support modification processes vary by state. This article describes the general process and what to expect. It does not constitute legal advice. In most states, if you have to modify an order for child support, you begin by filing a form with the family law court. There may be a different form for

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What To Do With Your Rings After Divorce


Laws About Engagement Rings While most states consider jewelry a gift, it’s important to do your research on your state’s marital property/assets laws. Usually, engagement rings are yours to keep, regardless of whether the marriage remains intact. In the case of a broken engagement, however, laws vary widely from state to state, and

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Bankruptcy & Divorce: How Does It Work?


Divorce and bankruptcy often go together hand-in-hand. Pending separation can negatively impact your financial stability just as easily as financial strain can accelerate marital strife. Legal relief is available to you on both fronts but it is important to know how they impact one another to determine which order is best for you.

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Selling A House During Divorce


Disclaimer: The following content is not legal or real estate advice and should not be interpreted as such. Consult a qualified attorney or realtor for professional advice in these fields. When I realized that my midlife divorce was actually going to happen after 33 years of marriage, and three years of unsuccessfully trying to

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How To Get Through A Divorce Financially


Disclaimer: The content that follows should not be considered financial advice and is merely a directional guide to help women.   How to Start Over Financially After Divorce Unless we can get on stable financial footing after divorce, it is very hard to recover in other ways. Financial insecurity after divorce is a real

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Money & Divorce


“A man is not a financial plan.” ~ Dee Lee, Financial Expert Our Plan Before my midlife divorce, my then-husband was not my financial plan … he was, as I often told him, "my husband, my lover, my very best friend;" my promised life-partner. We had a financial plan together. As baby-boomers, we married during

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