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From figuring out how to prepare for divorce to understanding how financial negotiations will play out. Learn how to best prepare for the legal challenges of divorce.

What Is A Bifurcated Divorce?


A bifurcated divorce is a divorce that is split into two or more parts. A bifurcated divorce technically ends a marriage but delays the resolution of the issues in dispute until a later date, according to the American Bar Association Journal. This allows the parties to move on from the relationship, and possibly even

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What Is A Divorce Decree?


A divorce decree is a legal document that signifies that a couple is divorced. It is the divorce court’s final judgment in the case. This document formally ends your marriage. It also sets out specific instructions the spouses must follow. If a spouse does not obey the order, there may be consequences. Read on

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Can A Power Of Attorney File For Divorce?


A power of attorney is a legal document that gives a trusted person, called the “agent,” the ability to perform certain tasks on your behalf. While you can often use a power of attorney to help with various aspects of divorce, the answer to “Can a power of attorney file for divorce?” is usually

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Ex-Husband Won’t Pay Child Support


If you have searched for “my ex isn’t paying court-ordered child support,” you are far from alone. Back in 2017, it was estimated that $10 billion in court-ordered child support was not being collected - and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic that left millions of non-custodial parents unemployed. The U.S. Census reports that

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Can You Disinherit A Spouse After Divorce?


After getting a divorce, many spouses want to disinherit their ex and remove them from fiduciary duties, such as being named as the executor of your will or the agent in your power of attorney. The rules regarding disinheriting your spouse after a divorce vary by where you live and the terms of your

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How To File For Divorce Online


The Internet has made it easier than ever to get legal services in a variety of practice areas. Some states make it even easier for divorcing couples by allowing options for filing for divorce online. Additionally, some states have expanded their options for conducting legal business over the phone and internet due to the

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What Is Legal Separation? (Separation vs. Divorce)


Legal separation is a process in which a married couple formally separates in a way that the court recognizes. Legal separation has many legal implications and is different from a divorce because the couple is still technically married. Read on to learn about the differences between legal separation and divorce. Why Separation? In some

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How To Prepare For Divorce


Most of us, when we get married never think about how to prepare for divorce. In my work, I have heard about spouses who left a note on the counter, or sent a text, or after a trip or date night told their partner that they weren’t happy and needed to find themselves and

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How Child Support Modification Works


Child support modification processes vary by state. This article describes the general process and what to expect. It does not constitute legal advice. In most states, if you have to modify an order for child support, you begin by filing a form with the family law court. There may be a different form for

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How To Leave Your Husband


Making the decision to leave my husband was the most heart-breaking, gut-wrenching decision I have ever made in my life. Figuring out if and how to leave my husband were dilemmas I could never have imagined when I made my marriage vows 33 years earlier in the presence of God, my family and my

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