Using Social Media After Breakups & Divorces


Social media after divorce is an ever-present force in society today, and that includes its impact on primary relationships. Breakups, separations and divorces have frequently been affected by, or caused by, social media interactions. The topic of social media and divorce is not only of interest to counselors and sociologists, but to the people

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Keep Or Ditch Your Married Name After Divorce?


Many people view the divorce process as transformative. It gives them a fresh start and a new path forward. No wonder, then, that so many people wonder, “Should I change my name after divorce?” This is a significant personal decision. Your name is part of your identity. You may choose to keep your married

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How To Forgive & Be Forgiven After Divorce


Okay! You are divorced or you are on the road heading to that destination, and you are finally going to have to face the “F” Word after the divorce is final...Forgiveness. Most of you knew this day would come. And you’re probably still not ready. We’re going to talk about divorce forgiveness anyway, because

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Where To Live After Divorce


I read somewhere that when you are trying to figure out what comes next after your midlife divorce, your first decision should be where you want to live after the divorce is final. Before, during and after a midlife divorce, almost every single thing in your life is turned upside-down. No other life challenge

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How To Make Your Divorce Process Easier With The Help Of Professionals


When two people decide to get married, they are committing to a lifelong partnership with their spouse. However, some things may happen along the way of their married journey, such that two people who were once so in love and committed to each other decide to go their separate ways. In some instances, the

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Grass Is Greener Syndrome & Marriage


Grass is greener syndrome in marriage, or in any other area of life, means that one partner  has an inability to feel content with life as it is. They are always looking for something more or something different or someone smarter, younger, thinner. Whether or not Grass is Greener syndrome is an actual psychological

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Conflict Resolution For Divorcing Couples


When I am invited to a family member’s or a friend’s wedding, I often give a Galway Crystal “Make Up Bell” to the couple as a wedding shower gift. The Irish tradition is that you ring the bell after reciting your marriage vows. Then, when you and your spouse have a serious conflict or

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What Is An Amicable Divorce?


When you think of divorce, your mind may be full of images of heated court battles, gossip columns about contentious celebrity couples, and stories of friends who went through the ringer during their own divorce. However, there is another way! It is called an “amicable divorce.” An amicable divorce is a friendly divorce in

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How To Deal With Anger After Divorce


Before divorce, I always thought I was a pretty even-tempered woman. I hardly ever “lost it” in an outburst of rage. There were existential things I was angry about like suffering children, oppression and poverty; but I was hardly ever mad enough to lose control in my everyday life. That was before the infidelity

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Divorce Because Of Mental Illness


Dealing with a spouse who has a mental illness can be an extremely difficult undertaking. Many couples wind up filing for divorce due to mental health problems when a spouse can no longer tolerate the blowback caused by mental illness, such as abuse, infidelity, impulsivity, substance abuse, or financial mismanagement. Read on to learn

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