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How To Get Through A Divorce Financially

Disclaimer: The content that follows should not be considered financial advice and is merely a directional guide to help women.   How to Start Over Financially After Divorce Unless we can get on stable financial footing after divorce, it is very hard to recover in other ways. Financial insecurity after divorce is a real and [...]

What Is A Gray Divorce?

According to some sources, Gray Divorce simply refers to divorce during a couple’s older years after long-term marriages. In other studies “late-life divorce” is defined as divorce for couples in the 50-64 age range, while others described couples 65+ years old, and especially those 65+ who were also retired as gray divorcees. For our purposes [...]

Your Money After Divorce

“Psychologists tell us that when a woman becomes financially independent, she gains self-assurance and peace of mind, and her relationships become healthier and more mature.” ~ Barbara Stanny, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming Who Will Take Care Of It Now? Myths die hard: Prince Charming is going to come to my rescue; someone else will take [...]

The Small Stuff Of Divorce

“It’s the smaller daily accomplishments that build and sustain us.”  Ichak Adizes, business expert I am a member of The Build Network, a publication for small businesses. The quotation above was taken from a Build story about a turnaround expert who was helping a big, once profitable company -- a leader in it’s field – but [...]

Your Choice After Divorce

"And we have another choice -- to accept what we didn't get to choose." ~ Sue Bender, Plain and Simple Wisdom  Acceptance Most of you reading this did not want to be divorced. Most of us did not choose it. And most of us did everything we could to keep the divorce from happening. I kicked and sobbed [...]

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Is Passion Possible After Divorce?

"Great dancers aren't great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion." ~ Judith Jamison, dancer and choreographer A New Passion I have a passion to help women survive midlife divorce and to help them understand that an amazing and glorious life is still possible after divorce. A fun life. A life [...]

Try 12 New Things After Divorce

"It's not easy to get resiliency back into our lives, but it is a quality too valuable to be lost." ~ Dorthea Brande, WAKE UP AND LIVE! - A Formula For Success That Works My divorce recovery resources come from many different places. Most aren't written specifically about divorce recovery, but are instead resources that contain ideas [...]

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Divorce Process: The Darkness

"Life Lesson #13: If you want to get out of the darkness you are in, you must be willing to experience momentary shock and glare."  ~Karen Salmonshon, Enough Dammit: A Cynics Guide To Finally Getting What You Want Out Of Life Shocked Awake If you are recovering from a midlife divorce, chances are you feel like [...]

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