How To Get Your Sexy Back After Divorce


At first, after divorce most women are worried about surviving period! Trying to get your sexy back doesn’t usually enter your thinking until later because you’re worried you might not ever get that far! After the divorce, I, for one, had absolutely no desire to be with other men other than friends and family.

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Divorce After 40


Surviving Divorce - and dating and remarriage - after 40 can be more challenging than at other times. You may be in the middle of career overload. If you have kids, they may be preteens and teenagers who need lots of emotional care and attention. There are often more stresses and complications during divorce

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How To Find Happiness After Divorce


Okay, your midlife divorce is final, or soon to be. Your ex is starting his “new and happier than I’ve ever been” life with his new “I’ve never loved anyone like I love her” secretary or nurse or waitress or some other woman who idolizes him, adores him and is most likely struggling financially

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Middle Aged Divorce


There is no escaping the fact that more and more people in midlife, in their 40s - 60s, who have been together for 15, 20 or 33 years like we were, suddenly find themselves in divorce court.   Usually one person unilaterally decides he or she “isn’t happy,” or “loves you but isn’t in

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How To: Conquer Fear After Divorce


In a recent Washington Post ABC News poll a great majority of the respondents said they were stressed, with more than half reporting serious anxiety.  Loss of income or loss of financial security were big concerns. Enemies around the world flexing their muscles; terrorism;  health care;  the economy.  There is a lot to be

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Healing From A Divorce


I’m a woman probably very much like you. A woman healing from a divorce. A woman who was faced with a divorce after 33 years of marriage. A divorce I didn’t want. A divorce that took my vision of what I thought my life would be and turned it into an embarrassing soap opera

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