Healing After Divorce

Healing from divorce is not a straight forward process. You’ll have good days and bad days but with super and helpful resources you can make the journey a little bit easier.

How To Build Confidence After Divorce


I had never in my worst nightmare thought at 53 years old, I would be googling “how to get your confidence back after divorce” or “regaining confidence after divorce.” I didn’t even believe in divorce! Plus we had a good marriage, great kids, grandkids on the way and good things all over the place.

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How To Engage In Self Care After Divorce


Self care during separation and divorce is what I emphasize first to anyone who comes to Midlife Divorce Recovery for help. There is never a time when we should be focused on taking care of ourselves more than when we are going through divorce. The divorce process is exhausting and overwhelming. The mental and

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Telling Friends & Family About Divorce


When I first realized that my marriage was not going to survive, I didn’t want to tell family or friends I was getting a divorce. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed. I had been determined not to be one of those divorced people that I always felt sorry for, but never knew what to

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Divorce Counseling & Therapy: Do They Work?


Divorce counseling and divorce therapy, for both individuals and couples, are large categories that cover a lot of territory...and for most of us, a lot of time and money! During my own divorce journey, I took advantage of several types of divorce counseling before, during and after our divorce.  The question about whether divorce

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How To Get Over Your Ex-Husband


I remember how difficult it was for me to “Get Over” my ex-husband … whatever that really means. I tried to forget about my ex-husband, but the more I tried not to think about him, the more I thought about him. Like the more you try not to think about the candy in the pantry,

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Feel Guilt Or Shame After Divorce?


There are many reasons for feeling divorce guilt or shame.  If we caused the end of the relationship because of addictions, abuse or adultery, those are valid reasons to feel guilt.  True sorrow and remorse should be felt and expressed. Amends should be made as much as possible. But many who come to Midlife

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How To Find Happiness After Divorce


Okay, your midlife divorce is final, or soon to be. Your ex is starting his “new and happier than I’ve ever been” life with his new “I’ve never loved anyone like I love her” secretary or nurse or waitress or some other woman who idolizes him, adores him and is most likely struggling financially

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How Long Should It Take To Get Over A Divorce?


Do you feel like it’s taking way too long to get better after your divorce?  Take a look at why you feel that way. My first counselor told me that the trending opinion of therapists about divorce recovery was that it usually takes about one year of recovery for every five to seven years

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Divorce Recovery Books


When I was going through my midlife divorce, I read literally hundreds of divorce recovery books.  I was desperate and I thought if I could just get one positive idea or find some little glimmer of hope in each book, it was worth my time. Right this minute I have 257 books (yes, I

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Stages of Divorce Recovery


Somewhere along the line, experts figured out The Stages of Divorce Recovery.  They are sort of like the Stages of Grief. These lists make us think there is a mostly predictable line from one divorce recovery step to the next, and then the pain is over, and we can get back to normal. As

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