Whether you’re considering divorce or your state requires a separation before divorce. Learn more about separation from our authors.

What Is Legal Separation? (Separation vs. Divorce)


Legal separation is a process in which a married couple formally separates in a way that the court recognizes. Legal separation has many legal implications and is different from a divorce because the couple is still technically married. Read on to learn about the differences between legal separation and divorce. Why Separation? In some

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How To File For Legal Separation


Filing for legal separation is a life-changing decision that impacts the individuals in a relationship significantly. Learn about legal separation. What States Allow Legal Separation? All states “allow” legal separation except Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Several states recognize legal separation as a formal contractual arrangement, like a marriage or adoption. Some

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Trial Separations: Do They Work?


When your marriage is increasingly off track or seemingly headed for a cliff, sometimes it’s good to agree to a trial separation to get some time and space between you.  A trial separation can be a cooling off period or a time to really rethink where your marriage is headed. At times, the marital

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