Husband Is Having An Emotional Affair


Emotional Affair Warning Signs Most emotional affairs start innocently enough.  For example, a woman in your husband’s workplace is having trouble in her marriage, and in the middle of their busy days, she begins to confide in your husband.  She says her husband doesn’t understand her. Before long, an emotional affair husband and his

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Trial Separations: Do They Work?


When your marriage is increasingly off track or seemingly headed for a cliff, sometimes it’s good to agree to a trial separation to get some time and space between you.  A trial separation can be a cooling off period or a time to really rethink where your marriage is headed. At times, the marital

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Life Satisfaction & Resilience Survey


Dear Midlife Divorce Recovery tribe, We were recently contacted by a doctoral student who is studying the life satisfaction and resilience of women after divorce for her dissertation. We are excited that we are in a place where we can potentially help her and the world at large better understand the impacts of divorce

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Midlife Crisis Divorce


My mission and my passion is helping women who are a facing a midlife divorce. I didn’t plan on this work, but I went through a divorce when I was 53 and I was a mess. My wasband (he was my husband, but he’s not any more) decided he needed something more exciting than

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Women Walking With God Conference


I am honored to be speaking at the 10th annual Women Walking With God Conference on April 21-22 this upcoming year. It is a two-day conference engaging women from all over the country in fellowship, spiritual growth, singing and laughter. Each speaker will be sharing on the topic of seeing God as our refuge in the

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Easing The Pain of Divorce During The Holidays


I'm getting lots of messages about the Holidays in the MDRcommunity. Lots of conversation about dealing with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the other Winter Holidays during divorce. Here's this honest feeling: "Just came back from trying to do some shopping. Christmas music everywhere, many couples, joyful atmosphere. I did not buy anything. I felt horrible. I had to

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“Your Heart’s Desires” – Attend February 13th & 14th


Ready to take your life and your recovery to the next level? "Your Heart's Desires" conference is your chance to meet other women on the divorce journey. Women who are just starting out, women have who fought the battles and won, women who made it their mission to help those struggling with divorce. To start

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Will you help promote How to Survive the Holidays?


We wanted to make it easy for you to help spread the word about this free event focused on Surviving the Holidays While You're Surviving Divorce. Thanks in advance for your help! What's On This Page Basic Webinar Details Tweets you can cut and paste Posts you can put on your blog Basic Webinar Details

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Be great during divorce


Divorce is one of those experiences in your life when we are overcome with our own troubles.  We''re sad.  We're mad.  We're hurt.  We're enveloped with everything that is happening to us.  We become self-absorbed.  Mostly we're just trying to keep from being sucked under this great torrent of overwhelming change,  and that means we

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