What Apollo 13 Can Teach Us About Divorce


We wanted to share an amazing piece written by one of our RADiCAL women, Seni Lennibur. We hope you find this as powerful and inspirational as we did. Please enjoy. One of my all-time favorite movies is Apollo 13, based on the true story of the aborted Apollo mission to the moon and

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How To Protect Your Mental Health During Divorce


Going through a divorce can turn your world upside down. Everything that once felt settled and organized may now have shifted into chaos and uncertainty. These feelings of overwhelm, embarrassment, shame, outward perceptions, judgment, internal turmoil (the list goes on) can start to have a profound effect on your everyday life, mental health and

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Worthy Review: Selling Your Jewelry Online Through Worthy


We are reader supported. Some links Midlife Divorce Recovery may be from our sponsors. Here's more on how we make money. At Midlife Divorce Recovery, we believe in rising above divorce in confidence and love. This is one reason we support Worthy.com, a trustworthy and legitimate online jewelry site. At Worthy.com, you can

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Getting Rid Of Documents After Divorce


For better or worse, divorce is a major transition. You can either wallow in the past or embrace the possibility of a new future. As part of the evolution process, you will likely want to get rid of some things that remind you of the past or a failed marriage. Here’s a brief primer

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High School Sweetheart Relationship Trends


If you’re googling “What percent of high school relationships last?” or “What percentage of high school sweethearts get married?” or “High school sweetheart divorce rate,”  You’re either: Thinking of marrying a high school sweetheart now  In a wobbly relationship that started as high school sweethearts Thinking about divorcing your high school sweetheart who is

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How Long Does It Take To Get Divorced?


One of the first questions that people have after considering divorce is “How long does a divorce take from start to finish?” While this seems like a simple question, the answer depends on several factors, including where you file for divorce, the applicable state laws, and whether you and your spouse agree on the

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A Class Leader’s Viewpoint On Getting Through Divorce


Midlife Divorce Recovery (MDR) is a game changer for countless women. It has been my privilege to know Suzy Brown as an author and friend, and to be involved in her transformational classes for eight years. I was formally introduced to Suzy at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Greater Kansas City,

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Annulment vs. Divorce: What’s The Difference?


When considering important decisions about your marriage, it's crucial to understand the legal processes involved. Annulment and divorce serve distinct purposes. An annulment is typically sought when a marriage is found to be legally flawed from the start, like when the couple is closely related under state laws or if one party was already married

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Becoming A Single Mom After Divorce


One of the things every divorced single mom is most concerned about is how this family breakup is going to affect her children. Most of us are more upset about what the divorce means for our kids than what it means for us. I did not want to be in that “Single Mom” Club!

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Free Legal Aid During Divorce


For most couples, divorce is costly. Even if you agree on everything, you may still have two sets of attorney bills, court costs, discovery costs, and other unexpected resources. However, you may be able to receive free legal assistance to help you manage these expenses, such as free divorce lawyer advice, a free divorce

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