Free Legal Aid During Divorce


For most couples, divorce is costly. Even if you agree on everything, you may still have two sets of attorney bills, court costs, discovery costs, and other unexpected resources. However, you may be able to receive free legal assistance to help you manage these expenses, such as free divorce lawyer advice, a free divorce

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Dental Insurance After Divorce


If you are in the midst of a divorce, you’re probably worried about what will happen to your insurance. Like other types of insurance, the status of your dental insurance can be impacted by your divorce. Many spouses do, in fact, lose their dental insurance after divorce. However, this may not be what happens

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17 Ways To Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa During Separation and Divorce


If you are newly separated, divorced or in the process, you’re probably already worried about, or even dreading, the holidays. Everything gets complicated. You may be sad and overwhelmed and exhausted already, but more than ever, you want to make the Holidays special. All of the Winter Holidays are going to be different.

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10 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving Especially During Divorce


Sometimes during divorce, it’s hard to be thankful. All we can see is everything we have lost and everything that is wrong with our life. Life is messy and complicated. We may be sad and angry. This is exactly the time we need to practice gratitude. Regardless of what is happening in our

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Divorce During the Coronavirus


Amid everything that's been going on with the coronavirus and the state of the world right now, we wanted to see if we could provide some helpful advice as you're dealing with this and the challenges you're already experiencing. Our Midlife Divorce Recovery team recognizes that our audience is unique in that you are

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Handling Military Divorce Emotions


Military service is one of the most selfless careers a person can choose. Our country and our way of life, and really our civilization, depends on having people willing to serve our country as a buffer against all kinds of national and international foes and in times of national emergencies. Military spouses deserve just

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What To Say To A Friend Going Through Divorce


I went through divorce after 33 years of marriage, four amazing children, and a great life. I was a mess, and I was surprised that it took so long to get over it. I appreciate you for searching out advice about how to help someone get through divorce. Your help for a friend going

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I Love You But I’m Not IN Love With You: What It Means


This blog is for men who say the words “I love you but I’m not in love with you,” and their wives or ex-wives who have heard those heart-stopping, soul-crushing words from their husband. ARRRGH! There it is again, that infuriating, devastating phrase...”I love you but I’m not in love with you.” If I

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Easing The Pain of Divorce During The Holidays


Every year when the holidays approach, I always start getting a lot of messages about the Holidays in the MasterPlan Divorce Recovery Program & Community. Lots of conversation about dealing with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the other Winter Holidays during divorce. Here's this honest feeling: "Just came back from trying to do some shopping. Christmas music

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Be Great During Divorce


Divorce is one of those experiences in your life when we are overcome with our own troubles. We''re sad. We're mad. We're hurt. We're enveloped with everything that is happening to us. We become self-absorbed. Mostly we're just trying to keep from being sucked under this great torrent of overwhelming change, and that means

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