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Sometimes during divorce, it’s hard to be thankful. All we can see is everything we have lost and everything that is wrong with our life. Life is messy and complicated. We may be sad and angry. This is exactly the time we need to practice gratitude.

Regardless of what is happening in our life during divorce, we still have so many reasons to “Count Our Blessings” We can teach an amazing lesson … how to be thankful no matter what. It’s important to celebrate Thanksgiving … especially now.

For when you want to tell others you’re thankful for them…

When you’re going through divorce, there are usually a lot of people to thank for being there for you during this difficult time. This Gratitude Kit will help start a new habit of sending Thank You notes more often. Saying “Thanks” to friends and family makes you feel better, too. ($30.00, uncommon goods)

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For when you need to be reminded about things to be thankful for… 

14,000 Things to Be Happy About – This mesmerizing bestseller by Barbara Ann Kipfer has been a favorite since it was published more than 25 years ago. Updated with fresh, current reasons to be happy (ie Thankful!). This is a no-opinions, no explanations, quirky, enchanting list of all the little things that make you thankful to be alive. ($9.69, Amazon)

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For when you want to focus on what you’re thankful for…

This special Gratitude Tree allows you and others you may be with to write down special things you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving season even when life is changing and challenging. Get it out every Thanksgiving and add new reasons to be thankful for each year. ($18.00, uncommon goods)

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For when you want to try a totally different menu this year…

Whether you have your family for Thanksgiving Dinner or you are sharing the holiday with a friend, plan a totally different dinner this year. Order live lobster delivered to your door. Get a whole dinner or just the lobster. Delicious and Fun. Create New Thanksgiving memories. (From $129, Lobster Anywhere)

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For when you want to add fun and excitement to Thanksgiving dinner…

Spice up your thanksgiving dinner with Turkey Party Crackers. Festive and fun turkey party crackers will inspire smiles and great fun around the Thanksgiving table. ($29.95 for 8, Paper Source)

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For when you want to remind yourself to be thankful every day

Put this warm, rustic sign up somewhere that you see it often. In your bedroom. In the kitchen or the family room. We’re reminded “ … in everything give thanks.” Hard to do during divorce, but sometimes we can’t see the gifts in our difficulties until later. Try it! ($34.00, Macy’s)

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For when you want to do a crazy puzzle on Thanksgiving Day

Perfect for before or after Thanksgiving dinner. This is a puzzle for a wide range of puzzle people. There is no “correct” way to put it together and there are infinite possibilities. Fun for all ages. Get creative. You can put it together any way you want. ($65.00, uncommon goods)

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