“You have to be very clear what you want in order to succeed.”
Hezelle Goodman; actress, comedian

Clarity is a potent force that paves the way for success. It’s about knowing precisely what you want and focusing your energy on the present moment. So, what is it that you desire? Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year – just for today. It’s a question that invites you to tune into your current aspirations and set aside the uncertainties of the future. As Hezelle Goodman, the talented actress and comedian, suggests, today is your canvas to paint your desires.

Embracing Peace, Joy, and Love in the Present

What do you want today? You know what I want? I want those three famous things that everyone wants. Peace, joy, and love.

These three gems – peace, joy, and love – are the compass points that guide us towards fulfillment. And guess what? You have the power to claim them, not only as distant dreams but as tangible experiences today. Picture this: a vacation day from worry. A conscious decision to embrace peace in your current circumstances, regardless of who you’re with or where you are. Why not choose joy? Write down ten things that bring a smile to your face right now and feel the warmth of joy envelop you.

But the most extraordinary choice is love. It’s an energy that transcends barriers, radiating from your heart to touch the lives of others. Love isn’t just for grand gestures; it’s in the smallest interactions – with your pets, children, friends, even strangers at the grocery store. Take a moment to truly connect with each person you encounter today, sending a silent wish of love and goodwill from your heart. The beauty lies in the fact that this choice is yours alone.

The Fulfillment of Desires and the Power of Choice

“Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalms 37:4

The wisdom of Psalms 37:4 teaches us that there’s a profound connection between our delight and the fulfillment of our desires. Delight is more than just happiness; it’s a deep-seated contentment that stems from aligning with what truly matters to you. By finding joy in your connection with the divine or the universe, you open yourself up to receiving the desires of your heart. This powerful verse reminds us that the fulfillment of our aspirations begins with our own internal landscape.

In essence, the journey to success, to peace, joy, and love, starts with clarity. It’s about knowing your desires, and more importantly, embracing them in the present. So, pause and reflect: What do you want today? Let that question guide you toward a day of conscious choices, where peace, joy, and love become your companions on this beautiful journey of life.

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