“Parking garages rank third among top locations for violent crime (after homes and public streets).” ~ Melissa Heckscher, BE SAFE – Simple Strategies for Death-Free Living

Living Alone

When my last child set off on his own, I felt an urge to tell someone to “drive carefully, drink plenty of fluids, and don’t forget to eat breakfast!”

One of the hardest aspects of a midlife divorce is that often you are living alone. There is no one around to tell that they need to eat their broccoli, and no one who cares whether you eat your broccoli or not.

It was a significant realization for me the first time I went on a trip by myself, that I had no one to call to say I got there okay. I could have called my kids or a friend, but it’s a tough new reality that your personal safety and well-being are pretty much your own responsibility.

Safety First!

I came across the book quoted above at a Half-Price Bookstore. It is full of information about everything from the safest seat on a plane and the best lane to drive on the highway, to the best way to defrost meat.

The advice that stood out the most to me personally, was about the parking garage because I was robbed in one a few years ago. The book stated that the safest place to park is on the ground floor near the attendant, and that elevators and stairs are the most dangerous areas in a garage.

I could go on and on with safety tips (drive a yellow or lime green car if you really want to be safe on the road). But really, I just want to encourage you to take charge of your safety! Let’s walk into today feeling empowered, not fearful. Be alert, stay on your toes and think proactively. Oh, and don’t forget to drink enough water and eat your veggies, too!

“Yes, be bold and strong! Banish fear and doubt! For remember, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” ~ Joshua 1:9 (The Living Bible)

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