Amid everything that’s been going on with the coronavirus and the state of the world right now, we wanted to see if we could provide some helpful advice as you’re dealing with this and the challenges you’re already experiencing. Our Midlife Divorce Recovery team recognizes that our audience is unique in that you are already dealing with one of life’s great stressors –  a divorce (pending or finalized). With that, fear and anxiety about a global pandemic may seem overwhelming to you. In addition to its own set of scary challenges, you may personally be facing increased loneliness, fear and worry due to isolation.

Getting through this unprecedented time requires more than just keeping our bodies safe; we also have to keep our minds and souls happy; we need to have a positive attitude so that we have the strength to face each day. That can be done.

If you have listened to news at all, you are already getting plenty of advice on how to lower the coronavirus risk, and what you need to have in your homes to get by for a few months while cities all over the world are implementing social distancing. We’re more concerned about helping you get and keep your attitude healthy while you are isolated.

Just to put staying positive in perspective to this situation, let me quote a famous psychologist, Viktor Frankl, “Everything can be taken from you, but one thing; the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

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How can we have a good attitude when the world is in crisis mode?

Frankl was one of the millions of Jews placed in Nazi concentration camps in WWII. The Hitler regime took literally everything from him: his wife, children, home, medical practice and all his worldly possessions. In camp he witnessed brutality of the highest inhumane degree possible. To survive, he was determined to find something that the Nazis couldn’t take from him. He decided that there was one thing that no one could take away – his ability to choose his own attitude – no matter how bad conditions became. Not only did he survive, but he went on to help countless others find a new way to be victorious instead of being a victim of circumstances.

A killing virus is no small thing either, and precaution, plus adherence to Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and local authority advice is imperative for everyone’s safety.

It’s most likely that we will all survive this. Most of us are not going to get the virus if we follow precautions. What we will experience is being stuck at home, inconvenience, major disruption to our normal lives, and possibly financial strain. None of that is easy, but it’s not loss of life, and it’s temporary. No one knows the length of time or extent of this disruption to life as we know it, but we do know other countries are getting through it with a return to some normalcy.

As a kick-off to increase your positive attitude, begin by redirecting your thoughts to work for you. How? Truly, we do need virus information, but we don’t need to be fixated on news all day long. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly and not taking a break from it is more upsetting. So, pull away from the news and do other things. 

We need to be more sanitary than usual, but we don’t need to panic over germs in our homes. We need to practice social distancing, but we can and should still get sunshine and fresh air from our own backyards, or even sitting by a sun-streaming window.

Go on a brain-changing, life-altering exercise during this unusual time we’re all in! This is your chance to practice embracing a POSITIVE ATTITUDE! It may be the most important thing you’ll do during this viral crisis.

Our Midlife Divorce Recovery Program has a one of a kind online community of sisters. In our MDRcommunity, there is full anonymity, and it is a safe, secure online space to connect with other women also going through divorce. Amazing stories, grieving, healing, and yes, humor, goes on in that place. We’d like to welcome you to join us to experience the power of the support of other women who understand.

While we’re taking stock of the good things we have in life, things we often take for granted, like medical staff, and good people who serve in so many ways, here are a few suggestions for activities that can keep you busy and happy:

Watch Movies ~ When you zone out with your good buddy Netflix, consider watching humor and more light-hearted topics.

Listen to Music ~ Dance wildly in your living rooms to your favorite tunes.  Add Zumba!

Get Crafting ~ Try doing that project you never have time for.  Or finish a project you’ve already started. 

Play Games ~ Find some online games like crosswords, Sudoku, “Wheel of Fortune”.

Shop online ~ Stay away from crowded supermarkets and set up an online order.

Exercise ~ Find classes on YouTube. Stretch.  Try yoga.

Plan ahead ~ What about that garden you are going to plant? Future recipes to make?

Organize ~ Get those files in order. Gather important papers. Totally clean your car.

Read ~ Try, “How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed” or other funny divorce books you can download.

Learn a new language ~ It’s free online at Duolingo

Start a journal ~ Try “The Book of Me.”

Enjoy virtual travel ~ Explore on YouTube.

Call a friend on Skype ~ If you haven’t done it before, figure it out. One rule: Don’t talk just about the virus to your friend, make the friend embrace POSITIVITY too.

Take a course to boost your earning potential – Look at LinkedIn Learning.

Explore downsizing, or just do a little Spring cleaning

Learn a new skill ~ making crepes, drawing, making your own notecards or candles … all on YouTube

Create a home spa ~ facial, manicure or pedicure, exfoliate, steam, spoil yourself.

 Play with makeup ~ do a makeover on yourself = Smile! You are beautiful.

Watch TED Talks ~ on YouTube – find the humorous ones.

Explore Pinterest.  So much fun and creative stuff going on there!

CLEAN, sanitize, wash windows, do all the once a year cleaning chores. One of my favorite things to do when I’m stuck at home is to wash the windows! I find that it’s a great way to get some exercise, and letting the sun in your house is good for you!

Find Ways to Keep a Sense of Humor ~ Laughter is the best medicine and even though things are serious, it is beneficial for you to find the humor in it.

We can get through this difficult situation if we stick together. Let’s support each other and try to stay positive. Keep in touch with the community of people who “get you”.

Take care everyone!  “This, too shall pass.” 

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