“Become a Less Aggressive Driver” ~ Suggestion #57 from Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

Todays Midlife Divorce Recovery blog is very practical.  It’s written for me as much as for any of you who might be reading it.  If I don’t consciously think about it, I become an impatient driver.  That’s usually because I have too many things I want to get done in every day, and I tend to cut corners on traveling time.

During my divorce recovery journey, not only was I often in a hurry, I was almost always distracted.   In the car, my mind would easily drift off to that agonizing land of visualizing what my wasband was doing with his new girlfiend, or fuming over some legal issue that had come up in our long drawn-out divorce proceedings, or wondering why he didn’t love me any more.

Sometimes I would be driving in a haze of distractions that probably made me more than a little dangerous on the road.  I was an angry or depressed driver or a driver in a haze of divorce rumination mind fog.  Both are equally perilous.

Here are some practical suggestions:  if you can’t listen to talk radio or if the music always brings back melancholy memories, try getting some CDs to listen to in the car.  Get some uplifting CDs about something you’re interested in.  If you’re embarking on a new career or trying to discover your new place in life, there are thousands of encouraging, helpful audio resources available.

Midlife Divorce Recovery also has a set of 12 CDs you can order – each covering a specific topic that is relevant to your recovery.  These CDs are interviews by me of experts in their individual field of expertise. Here is a list of the CDs that are available on their own or as part of the MasterPlan set.  The MasterPlan is 12-part personal path to transformation after divorce.  Below is a list of the 12 CDs.

CD#1 – Recovery Lessons, Tips and Advice from 5 RADiCAL Women – Five women share their thoughts on Divorce Recovery – What helped them most, what they learned, their most important recovery tip and more.

CD#2 – Living in Full Swing – Practical suggestions from Cathy Newton, an educator, author and nationally recognized motivational speaker

CD#3 – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Pam Davenport, Certified Personal Trainer; Biathlon & Triathlon specialist and Family Counselor.

CD#4 – Organizing the Chaos – Sally Wolf, certified organizing specialist – Owner of Sally’s’ Organizing Services

CD#5 – Divorce Finances – Kathy O’Dowd – Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

CD#6 – Helping Our Children – Annie Erickson – Licensed Clinical Social Worker, working with children with emotional challenges at Marillac, a facility for children

CD#7 – Connecting and Reconnecting – Sherry Danner, LMFT – Personal Counselor and Director Counseling Ministries at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS.

CD#8 – Facing Reality – Maureen Purcell, MA, MS, Certified Career/Life Coach

CD#9 – Choosing to Change – Karen Rowinsky, LMSW, Rowinsky Counseling Services, Consultant on Shrek 2

CD#10 – Embracing Transformation – Becky Skaggs, Transformation Coach/ Esthetician

CD#11 – Getting to Forgiveness – Dan Knight, MDiv, Director of Church Life in Overland Park, KS

CD#12 – Shining Your Light, Your New Life – An encouragement from Suzy Brown, founder of Midlife Divorce Recovery

Just call me directly at 816-941-4911 if you want a set of the CDs, and we can talk and I’ll give you more details

If you listen to these in the car, you will learn valuable recovery lessons and you’ll stay out of the divorce aggressive or distracted driving club (and maybe stay out of a wreck as well.  (During my divorce, I filled my car up with gas and drove away with the nozzle still in my car, ripping it out of the gas pump!  Talk about distracted!  (sigh).  Call me today.  I’ll take your order in person and I can hear about what’s going on with you.  I have a meeting about a RADiCAL Support group and a need to pick up supplies for the Divorce Survival Kit and the PowerPages for a Hallmark Divorce Recovery group tomorrow, but leave a message and I’ll call you back with details about the CDs and to see how else I can help.