I am usually serious on these blogs because I know how heartbreaking a midlife divorce can be.  It’s an awful, debilitating grief.  But there are moments of hilarity and laughter when a group of women get together for social time after a RADiCAL Women support group meeting where we focus on getting better ourselves instead of bashing anybody (well, to be honest, we may do that a little).

At the end of our 10-week class, the Wild Women of Wednesday Night Support Group (each group picks a name for itself)… anyway our group went out to get dessert after our last meeting.  And even though everyone in the group is moving forward dramatically, there were some really funny stories shared about situations that had come up during the journey.

One woman who must have been a stand-up comic in another life was telling about her exchange with a local cable company about her wasband’s affinity for NASCAR racing!  (She wanted the cable boxes disconnected!), and another woman’s battle with killer wasps who as she told us send out signals to attack if one of their group is threatened (RADiCAL woman outs to do this!)  The Wild Woman was stung multilple times and we laughed about the guy who came out to get rid of the varmints!

But I’m telling you all this as a lead up to something funny I read in The PARANOID’s Pocket Guide recently.  This is just for your entertainment if you wasband is carrying on with someone really younger and needs to get a Penile Implant to keep impressing his sweet young thing.

The mental picture I got after reading the following entry made me laugh out loud!  And I know the RADiCAL Women would have loved it last night, too!  The side bar on the page says, “The ups and down of implants.”  Here’s the entry:  “Among the risks of penile implants are infection, which can lead to gangrene and amputation, and migration of the implant device to another part of the body.”  You’ll have to admit it’s fun to think of the “implant device” migrating, say, to his foot or his arm or even better, maybe his forehead! (not to mention the thought of outright amputation!)  Tee!  Hee!

P.S.  I couldn’t find a single Bible verse that was appropriate for this particular blog!  I can remember that verse that says “If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off” — maybe that goes for penises, too!