Develop A Character

If you are currently going through a midlife divorce, you probably feel like you are living a real-life soap opera. We’ve been stars in our very own “As the World Turns,” full of domineering rogues, innocent bystanders, vicious women, charming cheaters … the whole gamut of characters.

So, why not decide how you want your character to behave? Find a character in a book or movie, or even in a television show that you want to emulate. Stand back and look at your own situation as if it were a movie. Could you see the way more clearly?

Who Will You Be?

For some reason in our own lives we are willing to put up with things that are not good for us. We do things that are not helpful. We sometimes even turn into the ‘scorned woman,’ including her ridiculous efforts at revenge.

Pause for a moment today and evaluate the part you’re playing. If you could be the director, how would your character act? How would a decent, fun, smart, competent, confident character act?

Act that way; act in your own best interest. If you’re playing a part in your own soap opera that you don’t like, become a different character. It’s your life. You get to choose.

Take The First Step In Your Divorce Recovery