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Our friends who aren’t divorced get tired of hearing about our divorces way before we’re ready to stop talking about them. Even family members say, “You’ve just got to move on.”  Churches sometimes have no clue what to do with us.  That’s why we developed the The Midlife Divorce Recovery Community.

In a recent survey, midlife women going through divorce wanted more than anything to find someone to listen …. that’s what the MasterPlan is all about … connecting with other women who will listen and who know how you’re feeling.  The community is an important part of our recovery program.  MDRcommunity will connect you with other women who understand in a safe and secure place where you can say what you feel and get support for as long as you need it.

Connections among women with common experiences can be some of the most important and strong connections of all.  Cancer survivors help each other when they are worried.  Moms with children with disabilities encourage each other and share tips and resources.  There is an instant connection because you know they know what you’re feeling.  That’s true of women going through divorce, too.

Regardless of where you are around the world and where you are on your divorce journey, you can connect 24/7 with women in the divorce support community. Having someone to “listen” and share with is an important part of the recovery process.  Sharing your encouragement helps you, too.

All quotes below are from RADiCAL Women in the online divorce support community.

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About Our Online Divorce Support Group

“Oh girls, thank you so much. I wish I could articulate how much I appreciate your help. Its been a long day and I think I will crawl into bed …  May God bless you – truly! The hard road sisters, whose faces I don’t know.”

“I understand completely the ups and downs. It feels awful to be strong one minute and  then a basket of tears the next. May I just say, its been 7 months since my tsunami, and if it weren’t for talking with you all, I would not be as healed as I am. It is so very helpful to be able to express my true feelings and have others understand, exactly.”

“I know you feel just awful right now, but we all are so proud of you for at least trying. Unfortunately, verbal promises of financial support by such untrustworthy men usually turn to dust, whether their original intentions were genuine or not. You have learned an unusually harsh lesson, and I am so sorry for that…but I also believe that, as you remain true to doing the best you know, God will reward you. Sometimes the ‘universe’ sends help in the most unexpected ways when we forge ahead with integrity, pure hearts and steadfast determination. My prayers are with you. Please hang in there! (((BIG Hugs!)))”

In the MasterPlan community, you’ll find support when you are down. It’s a place to learn tips to get through the mornings you don’t want to get out of bed. You’ll find ways to navigate the family gatherings you don’t want to attend.  There are simple strategies on how to deal with the nights you find yourself staring at the ceiling at 3:00 a.m. or how to prepare for mediation like the post below suggests …

“Thank you. This was so helpful! I am just finishing my night shift and will be in mediation in just a few hours (hopefully following a few hours of sleep) I will pray the full armor of God to cover me and I will wear my best push up bra :)”

We’ve all been there. We’ve all screamed and sobbed until no more sound came out. Divorce sucks. This pain sucks. But you are not alone, and you will be stronger and more beautiful and more real on the other side of this. That’s what we are here to show you … for example, here’s this nugget of heartfelt support from the Community.

“We are here for you. Lean on us, —let us be the strength you need for the moment. As one woman to another—you are good, you are gracious and I am very glad to call you a friend! We all care very much and want to offer our love and support. So have a good cry—God gave you really good tear ducts–and this is when we get to really use them!!! Love ya girl. Hang in there. Consider yourself cyber hugged!!!! :)”

And you will have access to dozens of online resources all in one place that you can read and use at your own pace.  There is absolutely nothing to lose and a new life to gain.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth because getting better doesn’t happen unless you make the choice to do something to change how you’re feeling now.  Change doesn’t happen until you decide to not let one clueless person destroy your future. You will connect with a whole community of women to share your pain and give you encouragement!

There is information from a wide range of women and many, many experts in various areas of recovery. This site is mainly about learning how to be true to yourself … your best and most beautiful and most inspiring and most fun self. Life before, during and immediately after a divorce can be brutal. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. This MDRcommunity is here to give you the support and help you need. We can help you find the lessons in the pain and can show you how to start living the life you want, right now.  Your life going forward can be beyond what you think is possible right now. Just remember, it’s not only possible, it’s promised!

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One last example of encouragement from a woman in the MasterPlan community:

“You are certainly very normal. There are days when we are able to stand strong and push the pain and hurt back out of our path…and then there are the other days when the pain and hurt wash over us in waves. Looking for simple answers just does not work…there are no simple answers. Betrayal of your trust and faith is painful. Feeling that is very normal. It is okay to feel the things you feel. Cry when you are sad, sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, the list could go on and on. My point is to feel what you are feeling. Remember that you need to take things one little step at a time. Reach out for friends when you are not strong enough to stand alone. Ask for prayers for strength and courage. You are not alone. This site is full of women who have been hurt equally badly and they are there to listen and support you. You are in my prayers!!!!”

It's invaluable to bond with other divorced women online and to see that others are having many of the same feelings and challenges that you are having. There is great power in women coming together online to encourage and support each other.

It’s invaluable to bond with other women online and to see that others are having many of the same feelings and challenges that you are having. There is great power in women coming together to support each other.  It’s a safe and secure place to be completely honest and to say exactly what you’re feeling.  That helps no matter where you are.

This is MDRcommunity: Help, Healing, Hope

Whether you just found out you’re getting a divorce; whether you’re separated and not yet divorced; newly divorced; or divorced for over a year or five years, MDRcommunity can be an amazing resource for you.

MDRcommunity is designed to be a learning experience that works on your schedule when you need it and when you’re ready.

A Safe & Secure Online Divorce Support Group

MDRcommunity is a safe and secure online divorce support group for you to let it all out. It’s just you, your RADiCAL sisters and your mentors and guides on your road to recovery.  You must be a member to participate in the MDRcommunity Discussion Room …  that keeps out the bar frogs and the online stalkers and your wasband and/or his girlfiend!  You can choose a username (if you don’t want to use your real name), but either way you can feel free to say what you want and know that anyone who shouldn’t hear the info, won’t.

Check out the resources.  If the community is not helping or doesn’t work for you, there’s absolutely no risk. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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