“Life Lesson #3: There is no rational reason to remain a pessimist in a world that is full of so many miracles.” Karen Salmansohn in Enough, Dammit – A cynics guide to finally getting what you want out of life

Whether you, like me, believe in a personal, loving, caring God or not, there are miracles in this universe everywhere you turn. Think about it. A seed put in the ground in the spring is a bright red radish on your plate in the summer. Really. Take a minute to ponder that. Or how about this?  A great night of love and pure passionate sex can result in a brand new human life who laughs and thinks and brings great joy. Here’s another one:  A little given can return to bless you a hundred times over. Those are all real-true-unquestioned miracles. What else would you call them?

When we believe in the transcendent power of the universe to bring us what we desire, miracles happen. On the other side of the coin is the fact that if we think, “Nothing ever works out for me. I will never be happy again. My life is over,” those thoughts are self-fulfilling, too.   Pessimistic thoughts always, always bring about pessimistic results.

I know that often during my own divorce recovery journey, I was pessimistic. In the beginning I honestly thought I would never be completely happy again. I thought my life would somehow always be sort of second-rate. I thought my children would be forever scarred and traumatized. And the whole time I was thinking like that, my life stayed in a place I knew I didn’t want to be. I was in a hole. In a funk.  Down and depressed.  My pessimistic thoughts, as they always do, bred pessimistic actions and then pessimistic results.

So just for today, lets put aside all pessimistic thoughts. Oh what the heck, let’s do it this whole weekend!  Tell every pessimistic thought that comes into your head to “Get away from me and leave me alone!”  Then make sure you keep it away, by focusing on good things.  You have the ability to think what you want to think. You ultimately always have control of where your mind stays. If it temporarily goes someplace we don’t like, we can instantly send it someplace else.  We get to choose.

This weekend, let’s see what’s possible when we decide to believe in miracles. Expect miracles!  I think you’ll discover that they start showing up all over the place.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of noticing.  Like Karen Salmansohn says, sometimes we just need to change our thinking to get what we really want out of life.  I want miracles. How about you?

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

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