"Ever spent months, even years, of your life as if they were just a phase you were going through, an extended transition, until the time when your real life would begin? Here are two simple rules: Rule #1. BEGIN AT ONCE TO LIVE. Rule #2. DON'T POSTPONE JOY."

Landon Saunders, Life That Loves to Happen … no matter what happens

Especially when I am going through a tough, traumatic, terrible time, I waste so much time, so much life. I keep thinking, "If I just get through this, if I just find someone else, if I make more money, I'll be happy. I'll start enjoying life." My only advice, learned from doing a lot of the wrong things, is to enjoy life now. This very minute.

As you read this blog, stop a minute and just be aware of every single blessing you have. You can see. You can feel. You can appreciate a hot cup of coffee. You have enough to eat. Your children are not starving or dying in some relocation camp with no clean water. Try to see the big picture.

I am not making light of your struggle. But don't forget that within this very hour, this very day you have blessings all over the place. You have an opportunity to start living fully now and to find some joy no matter what is happening.

That's especially true now, during this Holiday Season.  Don't Postpone Joy!  Start right now and celebrate every good thing in your life this very moment and build from there!  

"You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand."

Psalm 16:11 (NIV)