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Divorce Recovery Blog For Women Who Want To Overcome Their Divorce

The Midlife Divorce Recovery blog focuses on topics and issues affecting women who get divorced later in life to help them overcome divorce and find their true self. The divorce recovery blog is the brainchild of Suzy Brown, founder of Midlife Divorce Recovery and creator of The MasterPlan Divorce Recovery Program. Since 2003 Suzy has been helping women overcome divorce and offers her insights here and in the MasterPlan community.

Using Social Media After Breakups & Divorces

Social media after divorce is an ever-present force in society today, and that includes its impact on primary relationships. Breakups, separations and divorces have frequently been affected by, or caused by, social media interactions.

No Fault vs. Fault Divorce Differences

When someone decides to get a divorce, they generally have two options:  no fault vs fault divorce. These two types of divorce can impact how a case proceeds, the cost of divorce, and what

My Husband Says He Needs Space

It’s often not a good sign when your husband says he needs space. However, if you’ve just had a knock-down dragout fight, and in anger and frustration your husband says in a louder than