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Divorce Recovery Blog For Women Who Want To Overcome Their Divorce

The Midlife Divorce Recovery blog focuses on topics and issues affecting women who get divorced later in life to help them overcome divorce and find their true self. The divorce recovery blog is the brainchild of Suzy Brown, founder of Midlife Divorce Recovery and creator of The MasterPlan Divorce Recovery Program. Since 2003 Suzy has been helping women overcome divorce and offers her insights here and in the MasterPlan community.

What Is A Bifurcated Divorce?

A bifurcated divorce is a divorce that is split into two or more parts. A bifurcated divorce technically ends a marriage but delays the resolution of the issues in dispute until a later date,

How Divorce Affects Inheritances

One of the most complex aspects of divorce is figuring out how to divide marital assets between you and your spouse. However, before you even get to this step, you first have to determine

Becoming A Single Mom After Divorce

One of the things every divorced single mom is most concerned about is how this family breakup is going to affect her children. Most of us are more upset about what the divorce means

Free Legal Aid During Divorce

For most couples, divorce is costly. Even if you agree on everything, you may still have two sets of attorney bills, court costs, discovery costs, and other unexpected resources. However, you may be able

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