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Divorce Recovery Blog For Women Who Want To Overcome Their Divorce

The Midlife Divorce Recovery blog focuses on topics and issues affecting women who get divorced later in life to help them overcome divorce and find their true self. The divorce recovery blog is the brainchild of Suzy Brown, founder of Midlife Divorce Recovery and creator of The MasterPlan Divorce Recovery Program. Since 2003 Suzy has been helping women overcome divorce and offers her insights here and in the MasterPlan community.

My Husband Says He Needs Space

It’s often not a good sign when your husband says he needs space. However, if you’ve just had a knock-down dragout fight, and in anger and frustration your husband says in a louder than

How To Get A Marriage Annulment

Before going into how to get a marriage annulment, we should define annulment and explain how it differs from a divorce.  There is a common misconception that if you regret getting married, you have