Advice From The Experts

Let’s us bring the experts to you. We’ve interviewed the professionals so you don’t have to.

Use your drive time or workout time to listen to 12 recovery experts share practical tips and strategies to help you get over your divorce and get on with building your best life moving forward.

Some of these professionals charge $100 – $150 an hour to sit down with face-to-face.

The Interviews

  • Suzy Brown with Five RADiCAL Women
    • Recovery Lessons, Tips & Advice
  • Cathy Newton – Educator, Author & Motivational Speaker
    • Living In Full Swing
  • Pam Davenport – Certified Personal Trainer & Family Counselor
    • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  • Sally Wolf – Owner, Sally’s Organizing Services
    • Organizing The Chaos
  • Kathy O’Dowd – Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
    • Divorce Finances
  • Annie Erickson – Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    • Helping Our Children
  • Sherry Danner – LMFT, Director, Counseling Ministries
    • Connecting & Reconnecting
  • Maureen Purcell – MA, MS
    • Facing Reality
  • Karen Rowinsky – LMSW, Rowinsky Counseling Services
    • Choosing to Change
  • Becky Skaggs – Transformation Coach / Esthetician
    • Embracing Transformation
  • Dan Knight – M.Div. Minister of Church Life
    • Getting To Forgiveness
  • Suzy Brown – Founder Of Midlife Divorce Recovery
    • Shining Your Light – Your New Life

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