“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ~ Coco Chanel

A few years ago I read a column in the Wall Street Journal, entitled “Ask Teri.” Teri Agins answers readers’ fashion questions. I found this particular article to be helpful, so I thought it was worth sharing! Everything in parentheses below are my comments. For the full article and to see the great outfit, maybe you can find Teri’s article at WSJ.com.

Here’s the question:

“I am 68, tall with small hips and a big bust. I have always loved dressing fashionably and I look younger than I am. I’d like some fashion suggestions: I am not trying to look like a young chick. (That’s a mistake some women going through divorce make.) I like to buy something each season and usually try to clear my closet of clothes I don’t wear. I work as a marriage and family therapist.”

Teri’s answer:

“You’re going to always look youthful because of your optimistic, ‘try something new’ attitude. Smartly dressed women don’t have tons of clothes. They tightly edit their closets. That way it’s easier to get dressed and keep current. Go for inexpensive trimmings in bold colors for instant updates including watches, costume jewelry, clutch bags and hats.”

Teri’s Outfit Suggestions: 

•  “Semi-sheer black tights with red or purple shoes including peep toes and sandals are a cool and sporty look. You need a wardrobe of boots including those in stretch fabrics and leather in an assortment of colors.”

•  “Try a flirty skirt that trumpets out at the bottom, just covering your knee. Look for one with ‘godets,’ triangular pieces of fabric that make a skirt flare out and swing. Get one in black or navy … it’s the new stand-in for pencil skirts. Wear it with an untucked top tweaked so it stops at your hipbone.”

•  “Don’t cut your hair too short in that old-lady bouffant style.”

I hope you found some of Teri’s outfit ideas helpful. We are all capable of  looking more youthful because of an “optimistic, try something new attitude.”

“She also upholsters with finest tapestry; her own clothing is beautifully made — a purple gown of pure linen.” ~ Proverbs 31:22 (NLT)