The year we anticipate is most likely the year we'll end up with. So fine tune your thiking and expectations to be wildly wonderfuyl. Try it and live toward that goal every day.

The year we anticipate is most likely the year we’ll end up with. So fine tune your thinking and expectations to be wildly wonderful. Try it and take actions toward that goal every single day.

“We usually get what we anticipate.” ~Claude Bristol, author The Magic of Believing

It’s just a few days into the New Year. If you’re struggling through divorce, I’m sure you are ready not just for a new year … but for a new life! I remember so many days during my divorce recovery journey, I just wanted everything ugly and old and sad to disappear. In their place I wanted a new excitement about life; an anticipation of good things; joy! I wanted to stop crying and start laughing again. I wanted to wake up in the morning with an excited anticipation about the day and not that hard lump of dread that I usually felt. I’m farther along than you are, and I want to tell you something I learned. How I anticipated my future had a lot to do with how that future actually turned out. Our thoughts have a way of becoming self-fulfilling. If we expect the worst, we usually get the worst. If we expect the best, we usually get that, too.

Our premonitions about what life will be like almost always come true. You know what helped me? I believe in the Bible not only as a book of earthly wisdom and truth, but I believe it is eternal truth, God-inspired and Holy. And in the Bible, the promise is that if we give our lives to God, if we trust him; if we live by his precepts, life will always be transformed into good. We can be assured that even though we have suffered hurt and trials and tears, God is turning those very things into something beautiful and worthwhile. Just like polishing a rough stone can turn it into something beautiful and valuable, our “polishing” can make us sparkle like never before. Accept the buffing … then shine everywhere you go! Anticipate that beautiful result and it will happen! I can’t wait for this new year! It’s a year to shine!

” … forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, …” Philippians 3:13b