“Machiavelli famously said that is better for leaders to be feared than to be loved. But leaders should choose love — or rather warmth — first. Trust and understanding ultimately increase influence. Leaders can project both warmth and strength in several ways — for instance, by adopting certain body poses.” ~ Harvard Business Review article, “How to Project Leadership”

My Road To Entrepreneurship

I am constantly trying to figure out how to keep this business afloat. My son, who graduated with degrees in finance and chemistry has taken me on as a project. He has natural inclinations and practical aptitude for business that I don’t have… like operating in the black instead of continually taking money out of savings month after month.

I come from a whole slew of entrepreneurs. It’s in my DNA. My plan was to get my Radical Recovery book out and then go back to my marketing and advertising business to try to make enough money to support myself after my divorce.

But then I started to see the enormity of the need for practical, effective divorce recovery resources. And I discovered that my greatest passion had become helping women see their

[seeming] greatest life tragedy as an opportunity to grow and explore new life options. So, I changed direction.

There has never been anything, besides my family, that I have felt more right doing, than Midlife Divorce Recovery. I can’t wait to get up every morning to get started again.

The women I’ve met are amazing! Their hearts are generous and optimistic, and they are strong, resilient and good … in spite of this huge life detour they have been forced to take. It’s been an incredible gift to be able to speed them along toward healing.

Warmth And Strength

I tell you all this because in trying to make this a self-sustaining business, I read all sorts of business books and magazines. In the Harvard Business Review, I read a fascinating article about the fact that good leaders (potentially all RADiCAL women) must project both warmth and strength (compassion and competence).

The article talked about getting in the “Wonder Woman Power Pose” where, for two minutes, you stand taking up as much space as possible. Hands on hips, shoulders back, head up, feet shoulder- width apart. Take a few deep breaths. This, according to research cited by the authors of the article, raises your testosterone levels and increases your self-confidence.

I wrote the editors of Harvard Business Review in response to suggestions from the article. A small part of my letter was in the “Interactions” section of the Harvard Business Review! It read:

“I’m encouraging the women in a divorce support group I’m facilitating to use the poses described in this article. Projecting both warmth and strength is essential to healing and to redefining the future. The poses are a useful tool not only in business, but also in one’s personal life.” Suzy Brown, founder – Midlife Divorce Recovery.”

Be Wonder Woman!

It’s a small thing, but I’ll accept anything to let people know that RADiCAL women are not just sitting on our hands waiting for someone to rescue us. We’re taking the actions necessary to go get the life we want. The Harvard Business Review is a great place to start broadcasting that message!

Get in the “Wonder Woman Pose” sometime today and see if you don’t feel more powerful!

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