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“Even though you don’t know me personally, I just want to say you literally saved my life. I feel as if you are beside me encouraging me every day. The emotions, information you write and the MasterPlan have made my new unexpected life easier. Your support is priceless. Somehow it is comforting knowing that someone else is walking in my shoes.
I thank God and you for being there for me.”

Pamela H., Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you so much for the MasterPlan. I discovered you by “accident”, although I know that God was guiding me to your site. I was searching for help. … the pain, rejection, deception and coldness is hard to bear. Some evenings, before I go to sleep it is so good to see your smiling face on your website. It gives me hope that someday it won’t hurt this acutely. You truly are a blessing to others. Thank you for your daily thoughts, honesty, and encouragement.

Lisa G., Kansas City, MO
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We are women who refuse to whimper and whine and curl up in a ball and die. We are women who aren’t going to let one dumb person destroy our life. We aren’t going to let one person who didn’t “get us” make us miserable.

In the community, women like you have sent and received over 13,224 replies of understanding and care to each other. This sisterhood is the backbone to divorce recovery.

Giving and receiving support and encouragement helps everyone heal.

Experience a safe and secure community where everyone is working to get better!

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Take Control Of The Overwhelm And Regain Focus On Your Future

We know you’re feeling exhausted and confused by all the changes and decisions you’re facing EVERY SINGLE DAY. And to top it off, you’re probably not sleeping well or eating right.

How Do We Do It? How Do We Help Women Recover?

It’s a mix between our twelve part divorce recovery program, our hands-on support and coaching, and our sisterhood of women who’ve been through the ringer themselves. These components break down all the challenges you are facing and give you the tools to get control of the overwhelm,

Talk To Women In Our Vibrant Community In Minutes

With members from all over the world, you can always find an understanding ear in the MasterPlan Community.

“I can give my friends a break, because they’re already tired of hearing about it, but I’m not anywhere near done talking about it!

“This is a place to say things I can’t say to anyone else … my friends, my kids, my family. You can let it all hang out here and no one judges you or thinks badly of you because they’ve thought or done the same things.”

“I have to say, I never even looked further, I can’t believe there is a ‘real person’ behind all of this. 🙂 Thank you so much!

Enjoy Life After DivorcrCris S., Denver, CO

“You make a big difference in a lot of lives, Suzy.  The ladies are lucky to have your support and encouragement!”

Maureen R., Syracuse, NY

There’s A Reason Women Choose The MasterPlan When They’re Ready To Get Better

Messes in your environment create messes in your emotional life. It’s much harder to get better when your life is in chaos.

More women stick with us because we have an agenda and strategy to organize the chaos. You will be more focused and composed because you have less clutter and disorder to deal with.

You will spend less time worrying about the overwhelm of divorce – and instead find peace of mind and even moments of joy that seem to have slipped away.

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How to get through a divorce financially

The Divorce Recovery Journey

This is never an easy trip to take, in fact, most experts say to expect the recovery process to take about two years!

We want to cut that in half! The MasterPlan does that in Three Stages

First You Must Survive

Second You Must Rediscover Who You Are

Getting un-stuck during divorce

Third You Must Chart Your New Path

“I can not thank you enough for choosing to focus your time, talent and energies into supporting women who are struggling through this process.  I have a wonderful family and very close friends, but only one of them has ever experienced midlife divorce and she is still struggling through the legal process after 5 years.  (I intend to refer her to your program as soon as she is able to hear what I have to suggest).

I do feel that I have turned a significant corner now that I am not feeling sad, all day, every day and I have arrived at “the angry place”.  I can see that it really does help you to move forward and begin to focus your time and energy on yourself more then concentrating on the others caught up in the process

I will continue to write in my notebook and I am really looking forward to my next installment of your program.

Thank you again for all you do for all of us! I look forward to a long and productive relationship!”

Annie D.

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