“Suzy’s Trout.” This is NOT me! But I would have loved to catch that fish!
Please note my request for Guest Blogs about divorce for “The Sisterhood Speaks.”

I came across this picture in my files and it actually was listed under “Suzy’s trout.”  By the way, the picture obviously is another Suzy, because she’s definitely not me!!

Our family is getting ready to go on our annual trip to the high lakes in Wyoming to fish.  We’ve had our meeting, started gathering our gear, mapped out some general cooking responsibilities.  I absolutely can’t wait to get up into that 55 degree mountain air that smells of pine and natural freshness.  I can’t wait to sit in St. Alban’s chapel at 10,000 plus feet, a no-walls chapel that has a vista miles and miles into the distance.  Some years a mountain stream flows close enough to see and hear.  I can’t wait to see all the wildflowers and wildlife and the cool rocks.  I can’t wait to toss a copper ant or a red humpy into Lake Marie or Mirror Lake to see if there are any hungry trout.  But mostly I can’t wait to spend some laid-back unstructured slow time or some hiking time or some reading time or some just-sitting-around-talking time with people I love.  Some things are different this year.  We didn’t get our usual cabin area.  Our favorite camping spot is closed.  Some family members won’t be able to join us (my Dad died in January and others have other things going on … new babies, helping with new babies, etc).  We might not be able to have a fire.  But even with all those changes, I can’t wait to get there and enjoy the time together and get refreshed, re-energized and re-created.  I hope you can find a simple time and place to experience your own re-creation at least for a few hours this summer.  We all need that from time to time — sometimes more than we know.

Today, I’m also asking a favor.  Because of your posts on line and e-mails I’ve received, I know I have a lot of women with wise and fun and helpful thoughts to share out there.  How about sending me some guest blogs? Let’s do some sister-sharing.  You can write about anything you want that has to do with your journey of divorce.  Here are some suggestions:

The most important thing that has helped me move forward after my divorce.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned or am still learning from this trip.

The biggest mistake I’ve made.  (These are always good!)

The one piece of advice I would offer someone starting out on the trip.

You can send them anonymously, or you can use your Radical name or your real name.  This way, I can post all of these “sister” blogs to cover the days I’ll be breathing in that mountain air!!  I know you all have great things to share. Even if I weren’t going to be out of pocket for a week this is a good idea.  In fact, I would love it if I could have a guest blog or two each week.  It doesn’t have to be long. (This blog is about 500 words … longer than usual.)  I can’t wait to see what you all have to say.  Remember, we’re all smarter than any of us individually.  Send your “The Sisterhood Speaks” guest blog as soon as you can!  I’m really excited about this!  Send your blog to  I can’t wait to read and share them!!